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Virtual reality is a big deal and it looks like it’s here to stay. Lots of VR devices have been developed since 2012, when a crowdfunding campaign for Oculus Rift VR headset began. The final Oculus Rift release became available in March of 2016. Later that year Sony released its PlayStation VR and Valve Corporation came up with the Vive in a partnership with HTC. The VR market is set to grow. According to “the total number of active virtual reality users is forecast to reach 171 million by 2018” and their survey shows 44% of the respondents are very interested in virtual reality.

Smartphone Galaxy S8 is a new entry in the Samsung Galaxy S series with upgraded hardware. Galaxy S8 has larger screen with a taller aspect ratio and curved sides, making it a perfect device for VR experience.

We’ve picked the best options available on the Google Play and created the list of the best VR apps and games for your Samsung Galaxy S8.

 Some tips before you start:

  • Fully charge your phone, as VR drains the battery fast.
  • Shut down background tasks to enhance the performance.
  • If you are using a headset and are new to the VR, take it easy. Let your eyes get used gradually, take breaks.
  • Some apps require a headset. Don’t worry, as cardboard ones are quite affordable. You can get a headset for $7-20 and enhance immersive experience. Check out available options here.
  • You can also search online for some DIYs and hand-craft a headset, using cardboard for the casing and PET bottle and water to make a Biconvex lens.

Deep Space Battle VR

Price: free, no in-app purchases
Requirements: designed for Cardboard VR

Deep Space Battle Screenshot

Deep Space Battle is exactly what its name says - a shooter in an open space. You are a space pilot defending your galaxy from the Shadow Fleet invasion using your mother wit and weapons.

The visuals are spectacular. It’s a shoot-em-up, set among vibrant and vivid spacescapes. There are 6 cool-looking spaceships to pilot and 8 missions to go through. One vessel and two missions locations are available at first, and you unlock the rest as you progress in the game.

As you operate a hypersonic engineering wonder, rather than a lobster, your ship travels in the direction you are facing. When an enemy ship gets in your aim, the weapons are automatically activated and the dogfight begins. The movement in the game is rather slow, but it gives an extra opportunity to enjoy the spectacular performance.

VR Cave

Price: free

Requirements: works with and without headsets 

VR Cave app screenshot

VR Cave is a virtual reality experience offering a lot of exciting environments to look at. You can’t interact with anything - it’s a walk-through, where you observe and listen, enjoying incredible views of deep caves, glowing mushrooms and underground waters accompanied by realistic sound effects.

The gameflow is smooth and fluid, the game moves around really fast. A good choice for your first VR app, especially if you like movies starring Seth Rogen and James Franco.

VR Tunnel Race

Price: free
Requirements: has regular mode and Cardboard VR mode

 VR Tunnel Race screenshot

This virtual reality racer offers you an unusual and exciting experience of riding a roller coaster through the confined space. You are an astronomer, trapped in the tunnel according to the plot. You glide through this weird tunnel on a spaceship, trying to find your way out, but secretly hoping this vivid adventure is never-ending.

The visuals are hypnotizing. There are 12 multicolored futuristic themes to choose from. The tilt controls are straightforward and intuitive. You can play with or without a headset, but we recommend to experience this game through the headset to enhance an immersive feel.

Galaxy VR

Price: $2,49 or a free demo version
Requirements: Bluetooth or USB wired joypad or keyboard

Galaxy VR screenshot

Galaxy VR is one of the best virtual reality space shooter games currently available on the market. The visual style is stunning and the gameplay is engaging. The mix of sounds and graphics create an incredibly immersive experience.

Flying and walking experiences are combined, making the gameplay more diverse. 100 missions are available currently.

The game requires a full controller with shoulder buttons.

Titans of Space

Price: free
Requirements: requires Google Cardboard

Titans of Space screenshot

Titans of Space is a splendid educational app, offering you a delightful tour of our solar system. You get to explore all the planets and moons, scale and compare their sizes.

It’s a peaceful and calm drifting journey through the stunning space scopes. The game’s performance is fluid and smooth, the sound effects are amazing.

There is an in-app purchase option of 50-minutes voiceover narration in English for the entire tour.

We’ve already described this one as well some other cool VR apps for Google Cardboard here

VeeR VR - Virtual Reality

Price: free
Requirements: has mobile and VR modes - doesn’t require a headset.

VeeR VR appVeeR VR app

VeeR is a platform that provides high-quality VR video content from creators from all the corners of the world. It’s also a community of creators, where you can interact with them, like, comment and share their work.

The app is easy to operate due to the intuitive interface and clean design. As you download and open the app, 360 videos will appear on your screen. You can switch between them and choose the ones you like to watch and even download to play them offline. We’ve watched videos in the app for 5 hours and VeeR didn’t crash a single time.

You can watch videos without a headset in 2D by tilting your phone. VeeR also supports Google Cardboard.

Matterport VR (Cardboard)

Price: free
Requirements: requires a headset (supports Samsung Gear VR, Cardboard)

Matterport app menu

Another excellent VR experience app. Ever wondered how Eddie Murphy’s house looks like inside? Matterport can take you there. The app’s library includes a wide selection of real-world environments and is constantly growing. Matterport currently contains over 150 VR Spaces to immersively experience. You can visit Budapest, walk into 3D models of art galleries, museums and various historical places - 300,000 VR spaces in total, 150 of which are pre-loaded and you can download the rest from Matterport’s web gallery on their official site.

You can also check out hotels and real estate in the app. Matterport supports integration with the largest real estate listings website - Zillow.

Matterport provides comfortable VR experience, the interface is intuitive and well thought-out. The app requires a headset, supports Cardboard.

Samsung VR

Price: free
Requirements: works with and without a headset

Samsung VR appSamsung VR app

This app is an expanding library of VR videos for Samsung devices. You can watch, upload and download immersive 360 videos here.

You can experience VR content with a headset or without it using touch navigation or by moving your phone.

The library regularly increases with the content from famous companies and brands, like 20th Century Fox, the NBA, Skybound Entertainment. Unfortunately, the app works exclusively on Samsung devices and it’s a bummer.

That’s the VR apps of our choice. Did we miss some awesome VR experiences apps and games out? Let us know. And tell us how’s the feel, when you try out apps from our list.


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