Bing By Microsoft Just Got Better For Android, iOS

Bing By Microsoft Just Got Better For Android, iOS on Freepps Top Blog

Hey, Google! It seems like you’ve got a real contender now. With the latest updates, the Bing app also provides users with a superior search experience on mobile devices of both major operating systems - iOS and Android. 

The current Microsoft’s app version has got a redesigned homepage for one-tap attractions lookup and some other handy innovations. Perhaps, you won’t like using Bing instead of Google, but you definitely should give it a try.

The new features aim to proceed with the goal of developing even more specialized mobile search than the desktop version. They became available just after the company has updated its virtual personal assistant Cortana with reminders, 3D Touch shortcuts, and a new Today widget. So, let’s see what is new for its search engine.

Looking for Cheap Gas

Bing Gas Stations Search

Tapping the Gas Stations button located in the Near Me tab will show you the relevant gas prices at different stations. This has become possible owing to the integration with the GasBuddy app. 

After finding the most appropriate variant, you may tap it and get the detailed directions in Google Maps or Apple Maps. Such an opportunity will be especially helpful for drivers in the areas unfamiliar to them.

Scanning Items

The bar code scanner is one more update to the app. It allows doing a quick comparison of items while shopping on the go. Moreover, with this option you’ll be able to see whether there is a similar offer in any other real or online store but for a cheaper price. On Android, you need to launch Bing and then tap and hold the search icon to access the popping-up camera.

The iPhone 6S/6S+ owners are even luckier as they can reach the scanner using their 3D Touch feature and the app’s homescreen icon. Tapping the latter activates a context menu with two more options - launching a voice search and an ordinary textual one. As for the older iPhone models, their users will see it, following the new Deals Menu and tapping the appropriate icon.

In Search for Deals

Bing for iOS New Deals Option

Based on your location, you’ll get the information about the most tempting and money-saving deals from the nearby stores. Furthermore, you’ll be able to find some special coupons and discounts for the various categories of goods and services. Bing will offer you deals and you’ll need to follow the instructions only. At the present moment, this feature is for iOS devices only; however, the developers promise to deliver it to Android users, too. Of course, “soon”.

Final Note

Strangely enough, none of the aforementioned newly-added features are available for Windows users. So, if your phone is running either Android 4.0+ or iOS 8.0+ and you didn’t have the chance to try Bing on your smartphone yet, maybe it’s high time to get an entirely different user experience with this free search service. 

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