Black Friday Deals: Free Apps Galore (UPDATE: Over For Some Apps)

Black Friday Deals: Free Apps Galore (UPDATE: Over For Some Apps) on Freepps Top Blog
We do love free apps, but there's nothing wrong with getting an app that's normally paid for with no fees involved. With Black Friday looming large strike a bargain of your own and check these apps - they're free for a limited time only.
PDF Expert 5
Readdle's PDF Expert 5 goes free as a part of Apple's App Store Free App of the Week. Available for iPhone and iPad, this app normally retails at $9.99, and it's the first time ever that PDF Expert goes free. It's a must if you're a power user gulping PDFs as it packs some serious potential. Read, edit and annotate your PFDs free of charge and free of hassle!
Hindsight is a new approach to reminder apps, which basically reverses the whole process but brings it to a new level. The app tells you how long it's been since you've done certain things, thus informing you on dates and occurrence. Now it's easy to tell your girlfriend what you were doing last Tuesday at 4 PM. The offer is limited so make sure you grab this awesome app while it's still free.
NOK is a timer app that uses your iPhone's built-in motion sensor to start a timer. It's dead simple and easy to use. You can set up to 5 separate timers and start them almost hands-free - just double-tap your phone without navigating menus and swiping all around your screen. It's an indispensable tool for gyms, classrooms and kitchens - no more greasy stains or traces of chalk on your phone - maybe just on your pocket.
YConvert PRO 
A handy ad-free app to speed up your conversion between various measures, YConvert PRO does its magic with units of Angles, Data, Speed, Temperature and Time to name a few. It claims to be precise, light and blazing fast, and it houses a built-in calculator so you won't have to open a separate app to your calculations a final rub. 
There is a horde of planning apps and most of them claim to increase your productivity by keeping you on time. What about an app that keeps you busy? There is an app for it and it's called - spoiler alert! - Busy.
It's a cozy app that has zero learning curve but boasts a well-defined goal: helping you do crucial tasks first. Choose your most important task of the day, plan your projects, drag tasks between them and keep yourself busy and productive at no cost.

UPDATE: Please be advised that the offer has expired for most apps and therefore we're removing them from our catalog due to our policy of free apps only.

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    6 years ago
    Wow, great news. Something for free is what we are always looking for! Will enjoy it tomorrow.
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