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There are always undocumented features about many popular services. Maybe the best illustration for that is Twitter with its numerous unofficial apps providing much more possibilities than the official one.

It seems like WhatsApp is standing in the same line with features available through third-party apps earlier and better. And the first one to come is Booyah.

It’s even strange that WhatsApp hasn’t rolled out video chats on all its instances yet. Innovative potential the developers show lately should have been used for this highly anticipated feature. By the way, rival services like Tango, Viber, or Line have already launched video calling.

Booyah app for WhatsAppBooyah app for WhatsAppBooyah app for WhatsApp

So here comes Booyah!

This service requires installing the app available for iOS and Android. After you have installed the app, there’s no need to register an account or authorize with your WhatsApp credentials. Launch the app and start WhatsApp from within Booyah with a special button. Then you can select contacts you want to chat with. If they haven’t installed Booyah! yet, they will receive a message with a link to install it.

Another difference is the way you send invitations. There’s no direct calling that urges you to answer it immediately. The receiver gets the message with an invitation they can answer any time.

The app provides decent video and audio quality as long as there are only two people chatting. As you add the third one and more, the sound quality gets poorer due to connection limitations. Still there’s no rival to Booyah, but we still hope the developers will work it out.

Will Booyah still be demanded after WhatsApp rolls video calls as an inner feature? We guess it will. The app has a great ability to integrate other services and starting them from within itself. 

The developers may take some unusual steps like improving video or adding unique extras like chatting with subtitles or something like that. So we guess this app has its future.

Have you Booyah'ed yet? What's your take on this app?

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  • mr
    mo rose
    5 years ago
    Finally. I've waited for it for so long. I hope for it to be better than Viber. It is strange that this makes Facebook the most recent thing to have hit the market.
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