Brawl Stars Rolls Out Halloween Environments, Skins and Game Modes

Brawl Stars Rolls Out Halloween Environments, Skins and Game Modes on Freepps Top Blog

Brawl Stars by Supercell is a complete celebration of a game; no wonder its Halloween update is a fiery too. The update is unusually rich in 2019. Along with new skins and environments, it introduces a brand-new game mode that reinvents the game. The Brawl-O-Ween update is available for free; but if you miss it in the Play Market, it will turn into a pumpkin after the holiday season is over.

Of course, the new skins are stuffed with Halloween aesthetics – skulls and bones, ghosts, spooky styled outfits, and ubiquitous pumpkins. As for the new setting, it’s named Mortis’ Mortuary, and you better wee this spooky fest with your own eyes.

Graveyard Shift Mode

In this mode, resembling the good old Life Leech (unofficial but great), the two opponents lose health with time. The only method to regain it is to steal some from your opponent by causing damage. The problem is that your opponent is doing the same for you. So, this mode brings even more dynamics and amplifies the rage. Sounds nice; we hope this mode is here to stay.

Trick or Thread!

If you liked it (or hated it), you are free to drop a word in comments. Or the ghosts of the unsaid will haunt you until the next Halloween.

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