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Break the System: Set iCloud on Android  on Freepps Top Blog

How is it possible to change iPhone to Android? I couldn't understand that until I purchased my first Android phone one day. As an experienced iPhone user who had been using Apple’s products for over six years, I had some weighty reasons to change the familiar iOS system on the unknown more customizable Android. But I'll tell you about these reasons later. In this article, I want to talk about one particular difficulty that I have recently faced and open up a secret how I dealt with it.

If you're changing an iPhone device on an Android one, you will likely want to continue using your iCloud account for email, and it’s totally fine. Even though Android devices require you to create a Google account or simplyGmail, you still can only register there and keep using an iCloud account for email. So, if you wonder how to set up iCloud email on Android device, you're at the right page. I will give you the direct answer along with detailed instructions here. Let's get it started

Every Android phone besides the Gmail app has another one called "Email." However, you’re not required to use just that particular app. There are tons of perfect alternatives that might vary by interface and features, but all of them have one common function that lets you set up an iCloud account on any Android device by using IMAP and SMTP. Looks frightening, I know, but don’t get scared right away. You will just need to enter the correct server and port information which I describe below.

Setting up iCloud email on Android

Step 1. Open the email app of your choice - find "Settings" - tap to add account.

Step 2. Here starts the setting up process of your iCloud account. You need to choose its type by picking the Email option or the Personal (IMAP). If you choose the second one, everything fills automatically, while with the first choice you'll need to log in with your and iCloud password. When you’re done with entering the information, tap on Manual setup.

Step 3. In this step, you have to set Incoming server and Outgoing server using some specific information which I provide below.

Incoming Server Information

Email Address: enter your full iCloud email address.

Username: enter just the name part of your iCloud email address. If it's, you'll need only the "nancy777" part.

Password: your iCloud password.

IMAP server: copy “ .“

Security Type: accept all certificates SSL.

Port: enter 993.

Outgoing Server Information

SMTP server: copy “ .“

Security Type: SSL or TLS but TSL is recommended.

Port: enter 587.

Username: use the same username of your iCloud email.

Password: your iCloud password

Step 4. On this step, you will be asked if you require SMTP authentication and you should select “ yes .”

Congratulations! The hard part is done. You will get now all the emails from your iCloud account and manage them as you want. Of course, the setup process can vary a bit from app to app, but they all work with the similar algorithm. These steps work out for me perfectly but if you have any better ideas, let me know in the comments.

Good luck with your new phone exploring!

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