Byte Is Coming On iOS And Android Platforms

Byte Is Coming On iOS And Android Platforms on Freepps Top Blog

An Inheritor of famous platform Vine, the Byte will be launched on iOS and Android mobile platforms. Byte is the video-sharing place that apparently has all the chances to repeat and even overcome the path of Vine after it the launch this Saturday. Officials from Byte have already made a Tweet about their intentions to bring back the looping 6-second videos.

Vine was the app made in 2012 as a platform for sharing short videos. It was developed by Colin Kroll, Dom Hoffman, and Rus Yusupov. In 2013 Twitter bought this app. There were over 200 million users on this platform. The number was constantly growing. In 2017, Twitter has proclaimed that they want to cut the costs and are going to stop Vine’s work.

After the decision came in action, Vine’s creators simply moved to YouTube service, currently owned by Google. And in 2018 Dom Hoffman made a statement that he is going to reboot the once-popular Vine app. He constantly shared the progress he and his team made on Twitter. Byte app was opened for beta testing in Spring, 2019.

Byte offers users to make and download small videos of 6 seconds each. These videos are revealed to other users who can discuss them, like and share with each other. There is a video feed installed in the app and basic options like Explore or browsing videos.

They also re-open the community of those who enjoy such videos. In the official message from the company, they claim that the new app will be familiar to users, but still new somehow. If you have already tried the app in the beta version, share your comments below.

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