Can We Expect TikTok Ban Mechanism in 2020?

Can We Expect TikTok Ban Mechanism in 2020? on Freepps Top Blog

The popularity of TikTok in recent years is surprising. In just a couple of years of its existence, the company managed to make more than a billion downloads of the application, get the status of the most popular app in America, and got many other awards. A large number of companies and marketers consider TikTok as one of the most important platforms for advertising their products and services in 2020. What does it mean for ByteDance? Together with the influx of large budgets and attention, the responsibility of the company will also grow. What do we expect from 2020? New mechanics of TikTok ban or, vice versa, more freedom? Let's figure it out together.

New Promising Advertising Platform

Social networks are a powerful tool for sales and promotion. Everyone has long been buying ads on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. TikTok is a new app. A number of marketing researches claim that 2020 will be the first year when TikTok will become one of the leading advertising platforms on the Internet. But for whom? Obviously, not all companies should flee to TikTok for the reason for it becoming a hype tool. Do not forget that the main audience of the social network is Generation Z, in other words, adolescents. Therefore, if you sell goods or services to teenagers, then you are welcome.

The first ad on TikTok launched just a year ago. And as the practice shows, it is not very convenient to work with the platform for advertisers. If you want to launch the ad on TikTok, you need first to connect to the sales team and only after that agree on the date of launch and other details. Moreover, the platform does not have a convenient mechanism to watch and analyze ad performance. Also, it struggles with the lack of target options. As David Herrmann, president of Herrmann Digital, stated: “I don’t know who my ads are targeting or how to track my conversions. I don’t have any data. I spent $10,000 on TikTok over Black Friday, but I don’t know what happened.”

TikTok Filter Ad: How Will It Work?

Obviously, with such an influx of advertising and budget, ByteDance simply cannot stand still. That is why they announced the launch of a new self-serve ad model that will make the process of buying ads much easier. It is currently in beta-testing. By the way, in recent times, TikTok has been actively testing a number of other new features and improvements. Therefore, the launch of the new platform is a good conclusion.

“Their self-serve platform is a good start but we would love to see some more advanced targeting opportunities, like being able to target outside of age and demographic and potentially integrate CRM. We would love to see those get built-in”, said Carly Carson, director of social for PMG.

There are not many details about the upcoming rollout. So we do not know the dates, the features, and other capabilities. However, we can assume that censorship of advertising, as well as content, is significantly tightened on the platform. Perhaps this will even affect the basic functions of the application, such as TikTok singing.

In Anticipation of Change

It is expected that 2020 will be a turning point in the field of advertising on social networks, as a new and strong player, TikTok, has appeared on the scene. Yes, there are still many imperfections and shortcomings. For example, advertising on Instagram and Facebook is much more convenient and enjoyable. However, this fact does not prevent companies from reviewing budgets and changing their vector. What will be 2020 for TikTok? Do they release a self-serve platform for advertisers? What features will it have? New TikTok ban mechanisms or more freedom for users? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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