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If you’re a user of an Android device, you know that the number of apps that can be downloaded from the Play Store is enormous, and it continues to grow every day. Nowadays, there are apps for virtually anything, but finding these apps can sometimes become quite a challenge because of how many options you’re presented with.

What has been done to make it easier to find apps?

New Categories Coming Are Coming

While the apps in the Play Store were always arranged according to some categories, there were not enough of them to ensure an efficient and quick search that we all desire. Fortunately, Google decided to improve the situation by adding eight new categories to the existing list. The new categories that you will now be able to browse through are Auto and Vehicles, Art and Design, Events, Beauty, Food and Drink, Parenting, House and Home, and Dating.

In addition, several categories will be renamed for more accuracy. The Media and Video category will be called Video Players and Editors while the Transportation one – Maps and Navigation. These additions to the Play Store should make the entire search process a lot smoother and easier. For instance, if you decide to find a game designed for children you will do so a lot faster by opening the Parenting category then browsing through an endless list of apps for adults.

Android users are not the only ones who will benefit from this improvement, as developers will also have a much easier time promoting their apps to users. The less time users spend looking for specific apps they want, the better. Overall, it’s definitely an enhancement that will be appreciated by both developers of Android apps and its users.

Are you a user or a developer? What do you think about these additions? Feel free to share your opinion in the
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