Chrome Gets Google Cast Abilities

Chrome Gets Google Cast Abilities on Freepps Top Blog

When it comes to different services and products provided by Google, they tend to work seamlessly with one another. However, the Google Cast feature on Chrome has depended up until now on an extension, which made the process more complicated. The mentioned problem could be solved by integrating Cast support directly into Chrome for desktop, which is what we are starting to see in the latest version of the famous browser.

Which changes have been introduced by Google?

Casting from Chrome App

Currently, users get an opportunity to cast browser tabs without the extension. You can do this by either right-clicking on any tab or going to the tools menu, which looks like a button with three vertical dots. It should be noted that the extension button will still be active, so you can decide whether you want to uninstall it or not. If you want your browser to appear less cluttered, then taking these additional steps may be just what you need.

Another change is that users are no longer able to set the resolution, quality, and other characteristics. The system optimizes the stream based on the quality of your network, but some may consider this less convenient. Also, now you are able to cast Chrome tabs to your Google Hangouts.

Do you use Google Cast? What are your thoughts on this update? Share your experience with us in the comments.

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