Clash Royale: More Epicness Granted In Christmas Update

Clash Royale: More Epicness Granted In Christmas Update on Freepps Top Blog

Supercell, Clash Royale developer, has revealed some sneak peeks about the latest updates, and we are ready to recap them for you. Since the release in March 2016, Clash of Clans’ spinoff has kept itself high in the gaming market, and Christmas is a great time to give its popularity another boost.

Balancing changes

First of all, the update, which is already available now, brings a balance to the game. Developers analyzed win and pick rates of various cards and decided to level up some characters by increasing their damage and resistance.

Especially it applies to elite barbarians such as Tornado, the Balloon, the Inferno Dragon, Lumberjack, Bomber, Mortar, Mirror, Giant Skeletons, and Wizards who become more powerful. They will have 14% more damage, 19% more health and a 1.4 seconds hit speed.

New cards and epic events

Starting from December, 16, you are welcome to use four new cards including Dart Goblin, Battle Ram, Goblin Gang and Executioner. Along with that, there is a special event called Crown Duel Challenge where you can build a deck with 4 cards of your own and 4 of your opponent.

A month later, on January, 13, there are even more to come in Clash Royale — the new Jungle Arena, which can be unlocked after reaching 2600 Trophies, an updated feed called “News Royale, and new cards released every two weeks.

It seems like holidays will be full of battles and new challenges — start building your card collection now and make your enemies beg for Christmas mercy.

Are you eager to try new Christmas features? What is your favorite Clash Royale character? Let us know in a comment section below.

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