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We truly suspect some of our readers may remember the Golden Age of Videogames they have seen with their own eyes. This industry is relatively young though it already has its own classics. These games are mostly simple as they were created for weaker arcades and PCs of the late 1970s and 1980s.

Even the younger generation has its own mobile classic games, like the famous Snake being the reason to buy incredibly popular Nokia phones in the early 2000s. 

The first mobile game developers encountered the same problem of creating an interesting gameplay with limited CPU power, display definition and control options.

Now exactly the same is happening in the VR gaming industry. It’s psychologically new to most users. We have seen many wonderful games downloaded and installed less than 1000 times because the audience is not ready yet. 

The developers have to put up with one-button-and-gyroscope controls, 360 environments and the necessity to make it all work. No wonder that they often go back to revive the old-and-gold classics. So here are some unforgettable games living anew in VR, all compatible with Google Cardboard and its advanced editions.

Brick Breaker VR

Brick Breaker App

On 2D phones, it used to be called Bubble Breaker. The essence of the game remains the same, it’s still as simple visually, and its gameplay hasn’t undergone much change. 

You’re surrounded by the wall made of colored bricks. Select the group of at least two bricks of the same color and pull the button to destroy it. The new bricks will fall down from above, replacing the destroyed ones. 

The more bricks you join into one group, the more score points each of them brings.

The graphic part will seem familiar to you if your first impression about virtual reality was based on The Lawnmower Man movie. 

The wall surrounds you. You just need to focus on a group to select it, then it gets highlighted, and by pulling the magnet button you destroy it.

Brick Breaker is simple and doesn’t require much CPU power though you need at least a Full HD screen to see the squares, not pixels. It will really make you feel like you’re caught in that geometric virtual prison. Simple but catchy, the game is a worthy classic remake.

VRkanoid VR

VRkanoid app

Arkanoid, first published in 1986, seems one of the most frequently remade games of all times. The idea of breaking bricks with a ball you reflect with a moving platform like you do in tennis will never lose its charm. 

And here we are: 30 years have passed, and the VR version of Arkanoid is still around.

The gaming mechanics didn’t experience much change. You still beat the wall with the ball, catch good powerups and miss bad ones as long as you’re quick enough and don’t let the ball fall down through. 

The only significant difference is being inside the game, with all surrounding effect. Turn around to read the instructions, move your head to control the platform and the ball.

We must warn that you'll have to roll your head, intensively. And we have found no option of adjusting sensitivity, so you'll have to get used to this game in order to play successfully. Should we just consider VRkanoid a training game for your neck muscles?

Another good thing about VRkanoid is its obviousness. Even if the player wears the head mount for the first time, familiar game mechanics will tell exactly what to do.

Cardboard Snake

You creep and you crawl

The mobile classic of all times was born in the early 2000s and it's still popular. We’ll remind you that the game character is a snake who crawls on the screen and eats the dots appearing in random places. 

The snake’s head shouldn’t hit a wall or the snake’s own tail, or the game is over. This genial simplicity gained millions of fans and long years of popularity.

The Cardboard Snake is the VR remake of the game. The basic difference is  the FPV mode: now Iyou are the snakeI moving in the center of the room. The visuals are controllable,  and you can select some environment you’d like to see, but the essence is the same. Catch ball by ball and see them append to your tail. Avoid running into walls or your own body trailing longer and longer as you grow.

Cardboard Snake is one of the most popular VR games for now. 

VR Flappy

Flap your wings now

It only took a year for Flappy Bird to enter the gaming Hall of Fame and become the classic one to be remade. Now it's available in VR version where you play it in 360-environment, from the bird's POV. 

The mission is the same as in the original game. You need to fly the bird through a row of trees with holes at a different height each time.

VR Flappy requires using both the gyroscope and a magnet button thank you, developers, for not involving Bluetooth gamepad! It’s hard to make it out first, but then you get used to the movement specifics and fly through obstacles surely.

Still, there’s no such effect as you would expect. Yes, the green virtual reality surrounds you, but it doesn’t affect the impression so much as in rollercoaster sims. So you will probably try it once or twice, but we’re glad if you really like it.

What' your favorite VR game? Share it in the comments!

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  • a
    5 years ago
    I don't think old games will be popular. You can just play a few times for the interest, that's it.
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  • l
    5 years ago
    I used to have a nokia and play snake))) I think that's a good decision to adopt old games for VR until peiople get used to this new device.
  • GB
    George Best
    5 years ago
    Ofcourse Cardboard Snake is classics! I've killed so much time waiting in the lines, better than any book, l'm telling you.
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