​Configure Yourself With These iOS Apps in 2016

​Configure Yourself With These iOS Apps in 2016 on Freepps Top Blog
Have you made your plans before the New Year? Even if you didn’t bother, it’s still high time now. The time has changed: in 2006, you had to spend your time configuring your smartphone and getting it in good shape, in 2016 your smartphone can help you configure yourself. What do you think requires attention from you? Is it your body shape and physical activity? Or maybe your daily routine you need to pack up with plans to fulfill? Maybe it’s your education or manners? Or even your income?

Here are some apps meant for self-improvement. Of course, all of them require a certain level of self-control from the user. But if you’re reading this article, at least, you’ve got enough motivation for reading into it, right?

And if what stops you is your wish to keep your vulnerabilities hidden, just take a deep breath and keep calm. You don’t have to share your weak points with anyone but your phone. Anyway, the self-improvement always starts right in confession booth you have in your pocket.

All of the apps listed below are available on Android and iOS.
Class pass Class pass


The hardest thing in getting started your gym classes is pulling your body off your seat and going to the gym yourself. Even if it’s not far away, the road may be too long for you if you feel no impulse inside. Or if there’s no fitness enthusiast around to consult you.

But maybe you need to see it first and then get up with some notion where you’re heading to? ClassPass is an integrated service that shows you through the gyms, fitness and yoga courses around your place. And even more, it works as a membership aggregator.

The app itself is free but it suggests only info functions. The paid membership option provides real access to gym classes. You can set your schedule, make appointments, and plan trainings with this service. You can select your fitness level and get recommendations based on your current abilities and shape. The app also lets you track your achievements.

Unfortunately, the service is available only in certain large cities in US, Canada, and Australia. But we hope it will grow wider.
Nike+ Training Club Nike+ Training

Nike+ Training Club

The world-famous manufacturer of sportswear now has become a wearable device vendor and a cloud service provider, though it’s still all about sports. Nike+ Training Club is a free cloud-based service that leads you into the world of home and outdoors sports. You don’t have to visit gyms to get in good shape, didn’t you know?

But where do you get workout programs? The Nike+ app will help. It works with Nike FuelBand and tracks your activity. The app also integrates with other Nike apps if you have any installed. The workouts the app proposes are developed by professional trainers; some of them are Nike employees, and some are celebrity trainers.

Of course, this app will have much more effect if you have Nike FuelBand. But it’s not that necessary.

MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter from Under Armour

It’s not only physical activity your good shape depend on but your nutrition as well. Taking all control of your calories consumption requires a good assistant you would keep by your side at home, on vacation, in a restaurant, anywhere. That’s what your phone is, right? MyFitnessPal has an app named Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker, and it can track your intake by different parameters. It’s calories summary, fats, protein, sugar and sodium quantities.

In most cases you won’t even have to enter your intake parameters manually. The app’s database has been already filled by users, so all you need to select is product’s name and quantity or mass. Another easy input way is to scan the barcode on the packaging. The database consists of 5 million positions and still grows.

To make the app more versatile, you can use Under Armour’s sports features for controlling your activity and weight. You don’t have to use smart scales, the manual input will do. If you use iPhone with a built-in pedometer it will count your steps with decent precision.

And yes, there’s a good motivating element of social networking. You can always share your success with your friends from MyFitnessPal community or on Facebook or other social services.


There is a place that you can call your home because you never leave it, and this place is in your mind. The Headspace app is meant for practicing mindfulness as a way of getting yourself together, managing your stress condition, focus your attention and control your motivation. In fact, it is a meditation guide that contains instruction on meditating in a right way and follows you throughout the process. The instructions are spoken with a pleasant voice with a British accent and are meant to lead you deeper into your real self.

It may sound surprising but 10 minutes a day will do. If you want to get more from meditation you should make it deeper, not longer.

Headspace is available in a free version with 10 sessions available. This may be enough for you to master this type of meditation and go further on your own. Or you can go on with individual paid meditations available within the app. There are large libraries of different accompaniment for your travels into your headspace.
Elevate Brain TrainingElevate Brain Training

Elevate Brain Training

It’s a sad fact that the older you grow, the harder it gets to learn new things, to extract deeply buried knowledge out of your memory stocks, to accommodate to the new reality. The EBT app will help you with your brain training and upgrading your neural plasticity. If you’re smart enough you certainly would like to get still smarter, and EBT is of good help for that.

The app contains special exercises for comprehension, memory, math and concise writing. First you have to pass some inner tests on all of these, and then you start to play brain games.

The free version contains 35 games that seem enough for beginning. If you feel positive effect that affects your work, personal or creative life, you might want to go on with paid extras. Maybe these $4.99 will pay back one day or an hour due to a good decision made by your tuned up brain.
Daily YogaDaily Yoga

Daily Yoga

As you can see from the name, this app is the real helping hand for those who’d like to start practicing yoga but can’t find enough time and maybe inspiration for a start. The yoga adherents advertise this Indian practice as a mind- and body-transforming thing, and if you remember Lenovo’s transformer devices Yoga, that’s the reason for the name. It also helps you to get calm and sober and makes your mind clearer.

Yoga requires certain poses you need to sit in and concentrate to get results. The app contains about 50 poses and approximately the same number of exercises with detailed instructions. Select the ones you like, download and practice them with instructions and videos. There is also voice step-by-step guide that will be of great use for beginners in the world of yoga.

The built-in activity tracker won’t be the killer feature but makes a perfect bonus. There is also social component: a community built on this service can answer your questions about yoga and bring some good communication into your life.
 Sleep Cycle Alarm ClockSleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Is it always easy for you to rise when your alarm clock gives a signal? Or does your inner Hulk wake up first to smash? Well, a bad time to rise can spoil you the whole day. But the right morning sets up your day for success and productive work. The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock analyzes your sleep rhythm and phases to select the optimal moment to wake you up.

There are some apps that come with fitness trackers and use their hardware features. But all you need to use Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is already in your phone. Just lay it by the bed as you go to sleep and set the time you have to be up by. You don’t even have to let the phone analyze your movement; the sounds will do. Via the microphone the app tracks your sleep, tells phases apart and selects the best moment in your light phase.

After awakening in this phase, you will be well-rested and full of energy for the rest of the day. You’ll feel even better than after missing the moment and sleeping a bit longer. The app starts watching your sleep half an hour before the set time.
Duoling appDuolingo app


They say the more languages you know the more of a human you are. Today’s rhythm of life often leaves us no time to learn but somewhere in transport or during coffee breaks. But with Duolingo, it’s quite enough. This app together with web service can help you learn most popular languages. If you read this learning English is not that necessary for you. But there are also Spanish, French, German, Sweden, some other European languages. Find 10 minutes each day, and you will progress slowly, but unstoppably.

The interactive course is full of funny and bright multimedia materials. It’s easier to learn with graphics and videos, and if you want to have correct pronunciation you won’t do without audio examples.

The app is available not only on iOS and Android but even on Windows Phone.


Strict self-control may be a good thing but sometimes it’s not enough to overcome your own inner resistance that results in compulsive eating or drinking, procrastination, smoking, other habits considered bad by society or by you yourself. There must be more complicated ways to reach your goals and to find strength for that.

Coach.me is a service with free tracker you can use to control your actions and habits. Enter your goals and step by step control the achievements. The only thing the app can’t control is your honesty. But if you plan to lie to yourself, why in the world do you read this?

Well, and if you come to the idea you need some outer control, you can hire a coach via this app. There are thousands of coaches specializing in different branches.  It will cost you a reasonable sum starting at $15/month, and the result may be more than overwhelming. The emails you’ll receive will direct you and set you up.
Mint Mint


One of the weakest points for all of us is money. Where do we spend them irrationally? What’s the way we can improve our financial politics? To answer this question, we must see the complete report on how we spent our money. And Mint is the app that generates this report.

The app requires a bit of preparation. You’ll have to put all your accounts in your personal cabinet within the app. But then you’ll get a detailed picture of what you spend your money on. You’ll see the diagram of your expenses, monthly budget conclusions,

There are also organizing features. Mint will remind you to pay recurring bills, to plan some recurring or one-time payments. With this notion, you can plan and make some changes in your financial habits.
Unfortunately for overseas users, this app only works with US banks.


Do you agree that a saved cent makes an earned dollar? It may seem a paradox but that’s the way Acorn works. It will take a little courage to trust this service but it may be worth this.

Thus, you give Acorns access to your bank accounts. When you make a payment the service rounds it up to the nearest natural number of dollars. For example, when you pay $1.12, the app takes missing $0.88 and transfers it to a special stock account. And then you can invest this sum in the stock portfolio you select.

In a month, these spare cents can make a noticeable sum. And then you can suddenly find your investment working. Your living level won’t suffer from these expenses, and the profit may be a surprise. And yes, you can deposit money manually and fully control your stock activity.

In fact, this service helps you make money without hard efforts. And after you dive deep into it, you can play more consciously with larger sums and higher bets.
Trunk club appTrunk club app

Trunk Club

Fitness, job, money, intellect… It’s all good, but the first impression you make is based on the way you look. The Trunk Club app will help you in finding your own unique style. Select your clothes with your phone or tablet with special Trunk Club mechanism.

First you’ll have to answer some questions on your dressing preferences. Do you like formal style, casual style, military clothing or something more exotic? What size of pants, shirts, and shoes do you usually wear? What are your favorite places for shopping?

After you answer this quiz you’ll have to wait for delivery. You don’t know but you already have a personal stylist, and it’s a human. You’ll get a pack of clothes and outfits you have to select from. You only pay for those you decide to keep; the rest will be taken away without any fees. And you have 10 days to decide which of these you will wear.

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