Cortana Sheds Beta On Android

Cortana Sheds Beta On Android on Freepps Top Blog

 No longer it's a Windows exclusive feature. Microsoft’s smart voice assistant Cortana is finally released on Android platform. In January 2016, the app lost its beta status and became available in full version, though there's no "Hey Cortana" function anymore.

Of course, it will have to face serious competition. There is Google’s native service Google Now, and it’s preinstalled on most Android devices. And there is a ghost of Siri; although Apple’s feminine voice assistant is not green-robot-friendly, many third-party developers keep their eyes on Siri while projecting their Android services.

And still Microsoft has its aces in the sleeve. As per their opinion, Cortana has the best natural language recognition system. And it’s easy to believe: Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard was great with its predictive input feature, and it’s also based on natural language algorithms.

What can you use Cortana for? With this app, you can:

  • plan your day
  • schedule meetings and tasks,
  • make calls,
  • type and text messages.

There are even more complicated tasks: you can track flights or packages, work with your interest in Notebook section to personalize voice search according to your preferences, dictate emails and other messages. Ask questions like you would ask a “protein” vis-à-vis. You can even use Cortana on your PC if you can’t find your phone!

Cortana has the best natural language recognition system - Microsoft

Well, if Windows 10 Phone is to be integrated with the desktop version as good as Cortana is, this will be a real new experience of erasing borders between PC and smartphones. Cortana gives you the real unified experience as it works on your PC and smartphone as if it were one solid device.

Well, there is just one flaw, but for billions of users, it’s critical. Cortana only speaks and understands English. That makes it completely useless for non-English speaking users. For example, Siri can speak and understand 17 languages by now, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Russian and Turkish.

By the way, it means that users from countries where non-English language dominates will not be able to install Cortana from Google Play. But the ones who speak English can find an APK file at third-party sources and install it manually.

2015 has been a great year for Microsoft, and the greatest decision so far was a refusal to keep Microsoft’s aces for Windows and wide and furious aggression upon other platforms. So Cortana is just at the foot of the mountain it’s about to climb gradually.

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