COVID-19 Threatens Apple Sales

COVID-19 Threatens Apple Sales on Freepps Top Blog

iPhone is losing numbers on the market. Apple Company has already stated that it was preparing for total uncertainty during a pandemic. Despite the fact that the numbers are going down, the total picture is not that awful for the main services.

After iPhone published its official Q2 revenue for this year, it turns out that sales reached $28.96 billion, while in 2019, Q2 revenue was $31.1 billion. Mac and iPad products also suffered from a decline in sales for the last quarter. The main competitor that Apple sees on its way is COVID-19 that doesn’t seem to stop. It significantly lowered down the demand on the Chinese market, and limited supplies for the rest of the world.

Apple officials came out with the new statement. They revealed that multiple Apple stores around the world were closed. Those departments that remained open have very little customers and work at the reduced schedule.

Although China is slowly coming back to regular life, the virus is still a threat to many other countries. The US is one of its main targets, which also includes Apple’s headquarter. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is trying to cheer up the audience by stating that despite the pandemic, the company manages to grow its sales for the last quarter with the help of wearables. Wearables include HomePod, Apple Watch, AirPods, and Apple Music. Besides, the spread of the virus forced customers to sign up for Apple TV+.

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