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Of course, I’ve heard that Flipboard is one of the most popular news aggregators, but I had to verify this statement through my own experience. After using it for some time, I have some thoughts to share with others.

First of all, I’d like to explain how it works. You just fill your digital magazine with multiple sources of news from different thematic categories and then swipe the pages like reading an ordinary paper edition. The only exception is that all the materials are adjusted to your own preferences.
Flipboard Design

What Is Positive


Easy setup
I did expect to see some instructions, but I saw a detailed tutorial of how to work with the app. That was amazing because I didn’t have to google any tips on using it or such.

Live magazine cover
Frankly speaking, the fact that the first picture I saw in Flipboard wasn’t a static one bought me immediately. The image just moves a little, but it’s intriguing. 

Nice animations and design
The app offers an almost real-feel experience of flipping. In my opinion, it is more pleasant and not as stressful as simple and endless scrolling. In general, Flipboard's design is colorful and bright, making the impression of a real glossy publication. The coolest thing is that everyone can rearrange the icons’ positions to make a magazine look exactly the way one wants. 

The user can remove the standard channels and add the ones he/she likes most from the thousands of available (an enormous amount!). A lot of recommendations appear there with similar content after reading any article. You may search for a person or a topic and you’ll be offered specific pages you can subscribe to. 

Real-time refreshing
Users will see the newly-added publications in the moment of their appearance in the app without reloading it.

Integration with social media
What’s cool is that everyone can share his thoughts and impressions of an article with others as well as follow their news feeds and recommendations. Moreover, Flipboard lets you see who has added a post to their personal magazine.

Flipboard Subpages

What Is Negative

User Interface (What a paradox!)
I don’t know why but from time to time pictures published in Twitter are of a small size and it becomes difficult to see what exactly is depicted there. And it’s especially painful for owners’ of large devices such as phablets and tablets.

Lack of bookmarks 
Seriously, guys?

Sometimes the app crashes or freezes for a couple seconds. Everything becomes OK after restarting. Though, I couldn’t but mentioned it. 

No offline reading
In fact, you can save certain material with the help of “Read Later” option, but you’ll need one of the third-party applications to view it without connection. I wish it were a built-in function.


Sections in Flipboard


The Verdict

If “ten” is the best mark, then I rate this mobile application with “seven” (Do not blame me, all the Flipboard-lovers!). The aforementioned drawbacks weaken the total position of Flipboard a little bit. Still, I do love to use it for news reading!


Antonio Neri


Our resident meandering word artist, Antonio surely knows how to spot a good taco.

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  • D
    6 years ago
    What a wonderful app! It just needs to be for advanced people. Due to its advantages (easy setup, live magazine cover, nice animations and design, real-time refreshing and so on) than many other applications.
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