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Dark Sky over Android Users on Freepps Top Blog

Your weather forecast has never been so precise. At least, so Dark Sky claims, and millions of iOS users have agreed with them and gladly paid for their agreement. 

But since May 2016, another iOS exclusive is exclusive no more - the Dark Sky app is finally available on Android

The point of this app is its minute-by-minute forecast for your location. If it’s about to rain, the app will tell you the exact minute it will start or end. The same is about sunny or cloudy weather, snow, thunderstorm or other specific condition. Of course, only the nearest forecast can be that precise, but this kind of precision, for now, is most demanded. Yes, you can certainly remember AccuWeather’s MinuteCast, but Dark Sky was the first to do it, and it’s still considered the best.

Dark Sky is available on Android devices now

Another Dark Sky’s feature is its localization. The geo data is used to define your location as sharp as can be, and after that you will get notifications and other data that is related to your current position.

And there’s even more to that news. Being paid on iOS from the very beginning and on, on Android Dark Sky is proposed for free. 

Well, it’s not that simple. While iOS users have to pay only once for the app, Android users are proposed to renew the yearly subscription to get benefits like Down-to-the-minute Forecasts, severe weather alerts and widgets. 

Without a paid subscription this app will not become a pumpkin, of course. It’s still a beautifully designed weather app with maps, 7-day forecast and quite a unique radar.

The app didn’t cause a hype on Google Play yet, maybe because Android users have already chosen their favorite weather apps and see no reason to switch to Dark Sky immediately. But it’s been only days since it became available, and, to our mind, still the app is worth trying.

Have you used Dark Sky? Share your experience in the comments!

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