Discord, We Have a Problem! Thousands of Gamers Left Speechless

Discord, We Have a Problem! Thousands of Gamers Left Speechless on Freepps Top Blog

It’s had to count the gamers who wanted to coordinate their actions with teammates via Discord today, and suddenly found themselves totally isolated. No voice in, no voice out, no online confirmation. The problem was large, and it started a chain of posts across various social media.

Meet the Statistics

If you live outside the gaming world, here are some facts to impress you. Discord has up to 250 million users, mostly gamers, and, due to its cross-platform support, its apps can be installed to PC, Linux or Mac, iPhone or Android, and even more exotic system. Developed by Jason Citron, Discord gained this great popularity among gamers, being basically free and offering good premium features for paid subscribers.

All these people lost connection as the servers were down. They could use neither chat nor audio or video calls within Discord.

Many of them don’t know each other outside the games they communicate within. Discord uses identifiers instead of phones and emails, so you can speak to hundreds of people without exposing your identity. If the same happened to WhatsApp, you could have just made a call instead, or used Facebook Messenger, Line, or Telegram.


The users saw only “502 bad gateway error”. The reason if it was revealed almost immediately: it was a network issue with Cloudflare infrastructure. Being powered by Cloudflare, Discord is very sensitive to its issues.

The bug has been found and fixed; at least, so they say at Cloudflare. The update for servers is already made, now being rolled out. In the meanwhile, the servers are being checked physically to ensure they will run smoothly after the update.

What Next?

Some users may even decide that a paid service would recompense this to its users; but the spokespersons of Discord confirm that is will remain free, at least, in its basic features. Paid subscribers maybe will get their premium access a bit prolongated.

As for content stored on Discord servers, like game streams saved there, it’s all safe. Discord underwent no data corruption or loss, so all yours remains yours. Still, it’s the alarm for the player communities that will need to find alternative ways to stay in touch, just in case.

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