Diverse Emojis Are Now Available In Facebook Messenger

Diverse Emojis Are Now Available In Facebook Messenger on Freepps Top Blog

It’s not a surprise that millions of people worldwide use the Facebook Messenger emojis in their conversations on a regular basis. However, up until recently, the little images were not as diverse as the users would like them to be. Fortunately, the situation has changed with Facebook updating the emojis to reflect the diversity of the real world. Also, the latest update makes all the emojis look the same regardless of the device and platform that you may use, which is certainly a great thing. 

How is the diversity represented in the emojis?

With the updated Facebook Messenger, you now have an opportunity to select the skin color you deem appropriate and set it as default on your device. According to Tony Leach, the product manager of Facebook Messenger, it is the first time that the users get a chance to use the application on various platforms and choose the skin tone of a lot of emojis.

More diverse emojis in the recent Facebook Messenger update

There is no doubt that emojis are an important part of online communication, helping us convey our emotions, so the update is certainly welcomed.

In addition to the skin colors update, Facebook developers plan on introducing diverse gender roles to its library of emojis. The emojis that have already been added include a female surfer, a swimmer, and a police officer. The update is a logical continuation of the submission from Goggle to Unicode Consortium requesting more diverse women’s careers representation in the emojis. It’s safe to say that we can expect more diversity updates in the near future.

What are your thoughts on the new emojis? Have you been waiting for this update? We’ll be happy to read about your experience in the comments. 


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