Instagram Explained: A Crash Course For Newbies

Instagram Explained: A Crash Course For Newbies on Freepps Top Blog

When an application is ad-rem to the trends in the present day world, it will no longer deserve an introduction. All who are savvy and up to date in matters of the web, especially as it concerns the mobile web leisure and fun activities must have heard about the free application named Instagram.

Sharing images with friends and family

It is actually an application that allows users to share their life’s moments with their friends and followers in a very colorful and beautiful manner. Whenever you wish to make your beautiful images look like an artwork, you have the Instagram application to help you do this. This application will help you transform all your images and videos into different viewable art works and to share them with your friends.

Instagram allows you to share images of everything with your followers

Follow your icons

Another great thing about the Instagram application is that it is a very huge source of inspiration. If you have admired a celebrity, fashion icon, athlete, photographer or a sculptor for a very long time and you do not know the best way to have suitable access to their works and follow their life activities, you can do this through Instagram. It is a very great way of following such people and having an insight into their life activities for your inspiration.

There are also some group of inspirational Instagramers who have carved a niche for themselves in the sharing of images, videos and ideas about particular and general areas of life. They generate a huge database of followers, and they focus on things that are pertinent in the society. You also have the chance to follow such people and learn from them while having fun. This application has more than 300 million followers at present.

Creating an Instagram account will enable you see images, videos, tags and write-ups of your friends. This is the application that can make you popular within seconds. What you post goes viral as soon as it can garner the audience you desire through tags by your friends, as explained on our website.

Instagram allows you to follow the life of your Icons

What you can do with Instagram

This application will allow you to edit all the photos and videos you snapped naturally and those you got from other sources with a lot of filters to make the images look so bright, beautiful and crystal clear.

Instagram comes with about 10 advanced creative tools with which you can improve your images. These will allow you to work on the brightness, saturation, contrast, highlights, perspective and the shadows.
You can actually find people to follow according to the types of images you cherish and like. If you are in love with the images of football stars, you can be linked to people who post these on their Instagram pages always.

This comes with a wonderful social media integration that will allow you to share your video and photos on other social media platforms like Twitter, tumblr, Facebook and many others.

You will be given the leverage to connect with fellow Instagramers all over the world. It does not have regional or geographical boundaries.

You are also allowed some privacy as you can send images and videos, coupled with messages to your friends directly. These inbox activities are not revealed to the public, it can only be viewed by the people you send it to. Get a feel of this free application and other applications for Android from our site.

Instagram allows you to follow popular and trending tags

New updates on Instagram

There are many new features that have been added to the newest versions of the Instagram app and those with the older versions can as well upgrade to these new versions in order to benefit from these features.

The first feature is the trending “Tags” and places which will automatically and dynamically update you on the current popular happenings in the world and around you. Instagram also hand picks a selection of people, and places these in a rotatory way and offers them to you.

You are allowed to search places on your Instagram app, and this will enable you to explore many holiday locations and their images on Instagram.

You can now search all posts by location or with the hash tag, username, name or location.

Other things you can do with Instagram

There are many other things you can do with Instagram or that Instagram can do to your images. This application will allow you to frame your images with different designs and types of rounded corners, ragged edges, black border, or you can even combine the three. Another great feature is the blur effect that this application offers, which brings out particular areas of the images in focus while blurring the background or other parts. One of the reasons why Instagram is so popular is its ability to be integrated with other social networks and the fact that it is also free of charge.

The latest huge development of the Instagram application is that Facebook bought it. And has also pledged to develop the application in an independent manner, without any assimilation by and interference from Facebook. Remember, while this application is completely free so why not?

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