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We have good news for Super Mario fans. Nintendo announced the launch of the brand new Super Mario Run, which the company expects to be a massive hit. And It’s a smart move from them remembering the recent success of Pokemon Go.

Let’s see, though, what Super Mario Run will bring us besides that 90’s nostalgia.

What will gameplay look like?


The first thing the gamers eager to know how much similar Super Mario Run would be to the original Nintendo game. What we already know is that the game will be an auto-runner type of game where Mario jogs from left to right to save his princess. Meanwhile, you have to control him by tapping or long pressing the screen to make him avoid holes, jump onto the platforms, and hop on his enemies to turn them into coins.The longer you press, the higher Mario jumps.

The game is getting harder as you proceed, and on the later levels, you will have to deal with blocks bold enough to change Mario's direction, and others that will start and stop him with precision timing. But the goal remains clear: get to the flagpole at the end of the level before the time runs out and collect as many coins as you can.

Mario’s adventure includes no less than collecting items, solving puzzles, and enjoying some familiar power-ups that change his size for a certain period of time, which we also expect to see in the "Super Mario Run.”

The game will have three modes to play: World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder.

World Tour

The World Tour mode is basically a traditional “Super Mario” gameplay we are used to. Mario will have to jump on toadstools and hit mystery boxes to get his precious coins.

Toad Rally

Toad Rally is more like a game inside the game where you can compete with your friends or players around the globe to set the highest score by collecting coins. And there is also an additional winning factor - you have to impress as many toads along the way as you get. The toad characters will appear every time you perform a gutsy move so that you'll have to be quite deft as you make your way through the map. In this mode, you will need to run until time is out, there is no flag pole.

Kingdom Builder

There is not much we know about Kingdom Builder mode, however, it seems like you will be able to customize your own Mario kingdom. And coins collected from Toad Rally battles will be important as you will need more coins to buy buildings and decorate your little kingdom - maybe even make it a big one.

When can you start playing?

With Super Mario Run, iOS users are in for some serious luck. They at least have an exact date when their favorite plumber will come to their devices. According to Nintendo announcement, the game will be available for iOS on December 15, 2016.

The Android users are left in the dark with an unclear date. However, Nintendo promises to release it for Android device in early 2017.

Super Mario Run will be available in 151 countries and regions and comes in the form of a free trial version. You will need to pay a single in-app purchase of $9.99 if you want to access all levels of the game.

Are you excited?

We all expect Super Mario Run to bring a new take on the series’ beloved action-platforming gameplay - and it only builds up our anticipation.

And what do you think? Will Super Mario Run hit the market big time?

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