Early Awakening with Microsoft’s Mimicker Alarm

Early Awakening with Microsoft’s Mimicker Alarm on Freepps Top Blog

There's almost nothing worse than waking up to a stern and annoying alarm early in the morning. As a rule, people wake up refreshed and in a good mood at 6 or even 5 AM only in commercials and movies. 

It seems like this moment can’t get any worse. Or can it? Actually, it depends on how you perceive the new Android app by Microsoft called Mimicker Alarm. What it does is force people to make faces. We tested this rather intriguing app so we can share some tips with you.

First of all, be aware that you won’t have the opportunity to simply dismiss Mimicker. The very design of the app is focused on ensuring that you don’t sleep anymore. That’s why it will ask you to play a mini-game. If you fail to complete the task in 30 seconds, the alarm will ring again. Sure, you can switch the game element off to have an ordinary alarm, but then the whole sense gets lost.

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What should you know about in-app tasks? There are 3 types of them:

  • Reproduce a certain facial expression by taking a selfie, which should be relevant enough. You may share it under a hashtag #Iwokeuplikethis, but let’s be real here - why would you go for this?;
  • Take a photo of an object of a certain color. This one get's tough if it’s still dark in the room and you don’t remember where your stuff is?
  • Repeat a tongue twister like “Don’t trouble trouble...” - sounds like a “Mission: Impossible” thing.

Fortunately, every user may choose the game to be challenged with as well as the sounds of the alarm to listen to while passing a quest. Of course, the majority will be happier with selfies, which seem to be the easiest way out. 

If you hate mornings, you should definitely try this new alarm.

Still, others may even like all this stuff in its entirety and find it a funny way of starting the day. Moreover, you’ll have a 5-minute delay hidden under the “Snooze” button. 

Microsofts Mimicker Alarm Customization

The new app was built on the basis of the Project Oxford’s facial recognition technology, which is already familiar to us through age and emotion recognition. And it’s also a full-featured and customizable tool. 

So, if you hate mornings, you should definitely try this new alarm. It’s one out of two: either you’ll like the app and it’ll make your mornings less stressful, or you’ll be tired of running around your apartment in search of something purple, trying not to break your phone into pieces because of this “out-of-hell creation”. Especially if you’re not fond of this color and didn’t use it in your room layout. 

Anyway, it may become one of your favorite rituals before getting ready for work or classes. You never know until you try. The free Microsoft’s Mimicker is available here. Have you already tried it? Let us know what you think of this app in the comments!

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