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Easily Read Comics With Bubble Zoom on Freepps Top Blog

If you consider yourself a fan of comic books you probably know that the 2016 Comic-Con currently takes place in San Diego and brings people from all across the country to celebrate their passion. You may also be one of those people who have tried reading books on the smartphone and find that the entire experience was far from pleasant. Fortunately, with the new addition from Google, the situation may change.

What has been done to improve your reading experience?

Bubble Zoom feature making your reading experience more enjoyable

Previously, Google attempted to improve the situation by adding the vertical scrolling function to their Google Play Books, but as it turned out, the feature wasn’t particularly useful. Now Google has come up with the new feature called Bubble Zoom, which seems to make more of a difference in how users are able to read their comic books.

The way Bubble Zoom works is by recognizing speech bubbles and zooming on them, which is very convenient when you’re reading comics from your screen. It is essentially the same technology as the one used in Google Photos, which gives you an opportunity to find specific locations or objects in your collections of images. In the official video released by Google, we can see that the feature works without any problems when zooming in on the texts displayed in the speech bubbles, so we’re yet to find out whether it will work on the words that are not enclosed in bubbles.

The feature undoubtedly makes the reading of comics a lot more convenient, because you don’t have to manually zoom in and out, which gets annoying after a while. All you have to do is either press the volume key or tap on the right. Currently, Bubble Zoom is available as a technical preview for a number of specific comics, so you have an opportunity to test it out.

Do you read comic books on your devices? Do you plan on trying out the new feature? Feel free to share your experience with Bubble Zoom in the comments.

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