Enjoy 6 Incredible Puzzle Apps for Your iPhone

Enjoy 6 Incredible Puzzle Apps for Your iPhone on Freepps Top Blog

From time to time we all find ourselves in the situations when we have nothing to do or we simply want to relax and take our minds off stressful situations encountered in the everyday life. Once you install these entertaining apps on your device, you will always have something to save you from boredom. If you enjoy playing puzzle games that are not only fun but also quite useful for your brain, you will definitely enjoy the six applications that we offer to you in this article.

1. Flow Free

Bright and colorful Flow Free puzzles for every iPhone user

Simple doesn’t mean boring, and this puzzle game is a great example of that. Flow Free is a game where you have to connect the dots of the same color on the board where they appear. Your goal is to make sure that they don’t intersect with the lines on the grid. It means that you have to consider where you’re going before you make a decision. While it’s not the most extraordinary game in terms of its design, there are over 1500 puzzles available for you to solve for free! Moreover, you can choose the size of the board depending on your skill level. It’s a fun and colorful app that will certainly keep your entertained whenever you feel like playing.

2. QatQi

A unique approach to standard crosswords offered to the users of QatQi

QatQi is an application that offers you an interesting approach to the standard crossword puzzles. In the app, you are given a number of tiles to use in order to complete the crossword, which can be quite difficult depending on the level. You are able to get multipliers and use coin objectives that appear while you make progress in the game. QatQi is certainly a pleasant puzzle game to play with its elegant interface, beautiful music tracks that keep changing while you play, and exciting gameplay that will make you want to play it over and over again.

3. Puzzle Craft

Building simulator along with the puzzle games available to you in Puzzle Craft

Another app that we recommend you to take into consideration if you’re on a hunt for cool iPhone games is Puzzle Craft. The app combines the building simulator and puzzle games in which you’re able to gain the resources that you will need to grow and improve your village. For instance, you have an opportunity to receive food to feed the workers. This unique combination of two gameplays makes the Puzzle Craft app a lot more exciting in the long run. 

4.Tetris Blitz

A fast game of everyones favorite Tetris in the Tetris Blitz application

As you can tell from the name, this app is the new take on the famous puzzle game. Similarly to the Tetris that we have all played, the main purpose of the app is to line up a never-ending stream of different-shaped blocks. Once you get a line, they get eliminated thus bringing you the points and clearing the space for new ones. In the Tetris Blitz app, you don’t have to direct each of the falling blocks manually. All you should do is tap where you think your block should go or choose one of the other options that can be accessed if you click the rotate button. The time you have on each level is 2 minutes, and there are also a number of different power-ups that you can use to achieve great results.

5. Triple Town

Entertaining match-3 games and a great design of the Triple Town app

Another application that’s worth paying attention to is called Triple Town. In this app, you will find a well-known match-3 game where you have to merge the closest tiles of the same kind within the limited board. A cool thing about this app is its thoughtful merging of elements – three shrubs make a bush, three bushes turn into a tree, trees into a house, and others. The game can go on for a while, but you should be careful not to hit the point when there is no place to find more matches. The game has quite a cartoonish feel, so not only adults but also kids will enjoy playing this neat little game.

Puzzle games – enjoyable activity for everyone

Puzzle games have been played by people for a long time, and now when they come in the form of apps, you can easily take them with you and enjoy wherever you go. These types of game are not only extremely engaging but will also help train the speed of your reactions and memory. If you ever want to distract your children with some games on your iPhone, these puzzle apps are an excellent choice. 


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