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Time and technical progress change everything, even our memories. To be more precise, they transform the way we keep the precious captured moments of our past. Ordinary photo albums and their substitutes in a form of folders on a computer have gone for good.

Yeah, we do have iCloud, Dropbox, Google Photos, Flickr, and several other specialized services for a safe photo storage. Still, there's a new player on the pitch called Everalbum.

If you are an iPhone user chances are you have already heard about this app as it was released in 2013. Everalbum has gained a great popularity worldwide on iOS and now Android users have also got a chance to join the trending photo service.

Everalbum won’t turn your understanding of keeping photos upside down, but it will definitely do this simple task a bit differently.
It provides users with automatic backup of all the photos from your camera roll.

You’ll get an ability to free some space up on your device for new apps or media files via simple tapping on the star icon in the top left corner. The app will delete only selected photos which have been already backed up. Videos would be spared.

You may also import photos from your different social accounts and other cloud services.

Due to a special technology, Everalbum organizes your snaps into albums, but you also can create your own.

There is an option to share personal albums with other users via email or social channels.

The app also provides users with an opportunity to edit personal photos by adding various effects, stickers, filters, and frames. The packages are free to download.

You’ll definitely appreciate the “throwbacks” - your old photos of this particular day in the past. 

The free version of Everalbum allows you to save as many images as you wish. The only nuance is that they will be compressed, though, retaining “high-quality”.

If you want to keep the full-resolution photos and videos, you may upgrade to Everalbum Plus, and it will set you back $10 monthly or $99 annually with a 7-day trial period. 

Taking into account all the app’s claims of automatic backup, freeing space, organizing photos into albums, sharing photos, Everalbum has a good chance to compete with the giants of this niche. 

So, if you’re in search of a new cool photo-keeping application for your Android 4.1+ smartphone, you may try this Google Photo’s rival, which seems to combine all the other services’ main features in an interesting way. 

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    5 years ago
    I was waiting for this app to roll out for android , thank you very much, pleased with this great news. Very good album, I recommend it to my friends!
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