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The compatibility of files from Mac and PC has been an annoying problem for years. If your home computer is a Mac and you need to open word documents from pages on an office PC, this guide will help you to open Word documents in Apple Pages and export them back to Microsoft Word.

1. How to Open DOCX in Apple Pages

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Opening a Word document in Pages is very simple due to the automatic converter. Launch Pages on an Apple computer and click “File” in the upper bar. Then click “Open” in a roll-down menu and find the needed DOCX file in Finder. Double-click the file, and Pages will convert it automatically.

Now you can edit the Word document in Pages without any problems. When the work is done, save the Pages document in a convenient destination to use it later. You should consider that this action won’t save the updated source file imported from Word.

2. How to Export Pages Documents to DOCX

To update the source Word document that you’ve edited in pages or to export an original Pages file to DOCX, go to “File” in the upper menu bar. Choose “Export to” and select “Word …” in the submenu.

If you want to replace or update the original DOCX file, leave the same file name. Click “save” and then “replace” in a pop-up window. Now your source Word document is updated and ready for editing in Microsoft Word on any PC.

If you don’t have a Mac computer nearby, and you need to open a Pages document, it may be problematic. Microsoft Word can’t convert files created in Pages. That’s why you always have to save files in both formats.

If the problem occurs anyway, you can still convert Pages to DOCX online, using free online converters. To do that, launch any web browser and search “convert Pages to Word online.” The entire process may take up to several minutes, depending on the document size and bandwidth.

3. Compatibility of Versions

Microsoft Word has 2 default document formats, such as DOCX and DOC. The second one is the original old version of the Word format. It’s rarely used today, but some organizations may still use old PCs with Microsoft Word versions prior to Microsoft Word 2007. This software supports only DOC formats. While exporting a Pages file, you can select DOC in export settings. This format is supported by all versions of Microsoft Word and Apple Pages.

If your organization still uses old software and DOC files, you should mind that it’s potentially dangerous. DOC files are not protected from the integration of viruses and malware. According to statistics, DOC files are virus carriers even more often than EXE files. Besides, older versions of Microsoft Word are not supported by Microsoft anymore. You can update online if your Word software is licensed.

4. Opening Other Formats

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Both Microsoft Word and Pages also support several universal formats that don’t require conversion. Amongst them are RTF and TXT. Unfortunately, Pages doesn’t support more niche Word formats, including DOTX, OpenDocument XML, Strict, and others. Still, it can run PDF, which is impossible for Microsoft Word and other Office apps.

Be Attentive

Mac OS users should be attentive and always export files created in the iWork suite to Windows-compatible formats. Another way to avoid all these problems is to install Microsoft Office on your Mac computer. This solution is quite pricy, but you won’t face any compatibility issues for sure. Have you had problems with opening Pages files on Windows computers and vise versa? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below, and share the article with your colleagues who may have the same problem.

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