Facebook Announces New Messenger For iOS

Facebook Announces New Messenger For iOS on Freepps Top Blog

The official Facebook app is going to get an important update soon – the new version of Messenger will load much faster while taking four times less space on your phone. While the exact features of this new app remain unknown, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, has already stated that Messenger will be "much faster and more responsive".

These performance improvements may seem rather irrelevant – but if you open the app many times a day, every second you don't have to spend waiting for your app to start counts. The new version is not just a patch, but a complete redesign of the app's codebase. That means you will probably need a day or two to get used to your new Messenger when it finally comes out.

However, Facebook says that some of the app's features are going to be "temporarily unavailable", but that seems like a reasonable cost to pay for the complete redesign. Namely, the Discover tab, as well as its contents like instant games, will be removed from the app. There is no information about when the newest version of Messenger is going to be released, but it's supposed to happen in a few weeks from now.

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