Facebook Enhances Likes, Adds Emotions

Facebook Enhances Likes, Adds Emotions on Freepps Top Blog

After a year spent in the lab with a pen and a pad, Facebook finally rolls out expanded reactions, which are not limited to a mere "like" anymore.

Being launched today across all platforms, these reactions include:

  • love - for boyfriends and burgers;
  • haha - to signify something funny or end a conversation;
  • wow - to express genuine surprise or an open mouth;
  • sad - to show you're not happy about a price hike or a cat lost;
  • angry - to show you're angry about the price hike, again.

The naysayers would have to use the sad button, as there's no Dislike button, despite the popular demand.

Seemingly, the long march to enhanced reactions had started about a year ago, when Mark Zuckerberg hinted that the move might be in the works.

Welcomed by some, the update will now let you react beyond likes and shares, as some occasions may not be worth your thumbs up, like people passing away and dogs getting lost.

Facebook states that the set of emotions is based upon single-word comments that were popular in news feeds. Stickers were also included in the data used to determine them.

The initial testing scraped "confused" and "yay", which is a shame for the latter. 

"It was really important to us that this was something that could be universal" - 

Tom Alison, Facebook.

While the odd bunch of reactions is here, the Like button will still retain the throne. It will be the only button you'll see in your feed, and to reveal the rest, you'll have to long press the said Like. Facebook will also tip you about this function to make sure you jump on the bandwagon.

Another twist is the absence of Like count - you'll see the Reaction count instead - 1 like, 2 wows, 3 sads.

Facebook reactions

Certainly, this introduction gives a chance to misuse emotions and accidentally love a video of Trump's speech. Facebook promises to pay attention to such mishandling and will remove offensive emotions.

While using these emotions may initially be awkward and cringeworthy, they will be eventually LIKEd. Perhaps, even LOVEd.

What's your opinion about these new reactions? Share it in the comments!

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