Facebook for iOS Reviewed: Let's Face It

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The official Facebook app was initially predefined to be among the most popular ones for all types of mobile devices. Whatever they say, Facebook is the best representation of your identity on the Internet. You can show what your life is about (places, events, thoughts and feelings, photos, links) and see what other people live. You may as well stay in touch with your favorite artists, organizations you’re interested in, companies and brands, social, religious or scientific branches.

Face The Facebook

So no wonder you’d like to have your Facebook available from anywhere and have all the features you have in your browser. Well, Safari is undoubted great. But the app will serve you much better. Today’s Facebook app is one of the most popular for iOS.

You can register or simply log in directly from the app. The app accepts any kind of ID for logging in: your nickname, phone number or email, just enter the correct password. You can edit your profile directly, upload profile photos and fill the fields. Your information can be private or public - whatever floats your boat.

What’s it all about

The Facebook app is available for all iOS devices: for small-screened (iPhone, iPod Touch) and large-screened (iPad in all versions from Mini to Pro). The interface is a bit different in these versions, but basically it’s the same. The five tabs are always available below, namely News, Requests, Messenger, Notifications, and More.

Newsfeed contains all the news form all your friends and pages you’re subscribed to (unless you selected not to show someone’s news in your feed). If the post is long it’s shown as a preview. So it is with outer web links shown only as preview thumbnails. Outer links are opened in default built-in mini browser. Along with posts, you see how many people have liked or commented it. You can leave your comment, like, or share the post directly from Newsfeed page, without having to open it separately. On the top of the page, you can see the search field.  You can search for your friend of someone you know, for a public page or a group and something else.

The Requests page shows you who wants to add you as a friend. You can accept or decline these requests. The app also shows people you might want to add or subscribe to (based on common friends).
Don’t be surprised if Messenger page opens too slowly. In fact, it launches a standalone Messenger app (haven’t you installed it?) You can return to the main Facebook app by Back arrow in the upper left corner. The two apps are integrated seamlessly, you can launch the Messenger from your start screen as well as from the Facebook app, and the story is the same for the both.

Notification tab shows the news from your friends that might concern you. Has someone liked or commented your post? A group you’re in has new posts? Your friend you have marked as a close one has done something on Facebook? You’ll be notified of this. The alerts will be repeated as push notifications, they are displayed as a number at the icon on the start screen and as news in notification section.

Your mobile freedom

We’d like to say that with this app you can do the same things as with the web page. But in fact, you can do much more. There are specific features that only make sense in the mobile app on a modern smartphone or tablet.
Of course, you can post new statuses from the main page (Newsfeed). On the top, there’s a field with your profile photo on the left. Type your status in this field and post it directly from your device. 

You may also post a photo (from your gallery or fresh-made from your camera) or location. Of course, you should have your system location services turned on. You can also select your friends and mark them as present on your photo or in the same place with you. Of course, location services and camera features are rather about mobile usage (though in theory one can use them on a laptop).

Anytime someone takes an action to be displayed in your Notification tab you’ll be alerted about that. You can also set up SMS alerts from Facebook (it requires your actual phone number).

For your iOS only

One of the greatest features specific for iOS is contacts integration. In “More” tab you can select Friends and then Contacts button. The app can compare Facebook base and your phone book and find who of your friends has not been added on Facebook. You can send requests to all of them or selectively to the ones you’d like to list as Facebook friends.

iPad users may enjoy another feature. When you turn your iPad into landscape mode the app shows an additional column at the right. It contains notifications (about today's’ events or you friends’ birthdays) and the list of Facebook apps you use. Of course in iOS they are available as standalone apps (Candy Crush Saga, Trivia Crack, other games), but anyway they use Facebook authentication and you can launch them from the app the way you launch games on your computer from the Facebook page. To cut a long story short landscape mode looks much like the web version on your PC or Mac. You don’t have to keep this app running all the time. When something important happens you’ll be notified.

And remember that if you plan to use Facebook for private and group chats you’ll have to install Messenger (if you haven’t already done that). These two apps together bring the full power of Facebook to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  • M
    5 years ago
    My friend told me about this app. It's really convenient to use. I've been using it for about 2 months. And you know I do like it.
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  • J
    5 years ago
    Facebook app rocks, it's so much more comfortable than using your browser!
  • h
    5 years ago
    I've used Facebook for iOS for many years and I like it because it's very comfortable. I can text others and make calls very fast. Very nice interface.
  • A
    5 years ago
    I as a user will tell you one thing - Facebook a great communication tool!
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