Facebook Gaming Became More Popular Than Amazon’s Twitch in 2019

Facebook Gaming Became More Popular Than Amazon’s Twitch in 2019 on Freepps Top Blog

Amazon Twitch was a leader in the video game streaming arena for a long time. First introduced in June 2011, it quickly attracted the attention of all gamers. For a long time, Twitch had no analogs or worthy rivals until Facebook introduced its platform for video streaming — Facebook Gaming. In December 2019, it showed the incredible and unpredictable growth in the number of hours watched the streamings.

Surprising Growth Of Video Streaming In 2019

According to the new report published by StreamElements and Arsenal.gg, all the biggest and the most popular video streaming platforms, such as YouTube Gaming and Microsoft Corp.’s Mixer, had a big growth in terms of market share. However, the leader was Facebook Gaming. Its market share increased to 8.5% it's 3.1% more than in December 2018. What about Amazon’s Twitch, despite the fact that it lost its market share from 67.1% to 67%, the company still managed to increase the total number of hours viewed.

Another interesting finding from the report is that December 2019 was the first time when a nongame category on Twitch became the most popular in terms of total hours watched. As Doron Nir, chief executive officer of StreamElements, said: “It’s really more about a rise of just nongaming content. What it means for live streaming in general is we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. There’s a huge amount of additional categories that are going to emerge and grow. Just Chatting is really the most basic form”.

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There are two interesting new facts founded in StreamElement’s report: the rise of the Facebook Gaming platform and nongame content. What does it mean? Share your thoughts in the comments below. And what platform do you prefer for watching live streaming? Why?

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