Facebook Integrates Dropbox Into Messenger

Facebook Integrates Dropbox Into Messenger on Freepps Top Blog

Great news for everyone with a phone that boasts less than 32 GB of memory!

Starting today, sharing your photos and other fun content with your friends and family got almost too easy.  

Now, you can attach the files you're keeping on your Dropbox directly from the Messenger app, and they include:

  • photos;
  • videos;
  • documents
  • GIFs and more.

Messenger and Dropbox step up the game

Both Dropbox and Facebook made statements regarding this rollout, which is definitely reassuring if you think about solid integration and fluent UX.

All you have to do to share your Dropbox files on Messenger is press More while using the app. If you have Dropbox installed on your device, you don't even need to leave the app to send a file and finally put an end to the whole send-me-a-link hassle. 

Your chattee, if it's a scientific term, will be able to see the content you're sharing directly within the Messenger app. The recipient doesn't even have to be your Facebook friend to see the what you're sharing.

The Small Catch

However, this person would have to have Dropbox installed to be able to save the files you've shared.

Make sure to check out this useful feature and get the updated apps for Android and iOS using the links below.

Have you already tested the feature? Share your experience in the comments below!

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  • n
    5 years ago
    Cool! Now it's even easier to share information with your friends! All very convenient and practical
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  • M
    5 years ago
    That's too much sharing your private stuff, l think. What about my files get seen by those who wasn't supposed to see them? How to protect the info?
  • A
    5 years ago
    cool. very useful
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