Facebook Leaks Users' Phone Numbers

Facebook Leaks Users' Phone Numbers on Freepps Top Blog

A catalog of 136 million phone numbers linked to FB has been found online.

This September Facebook has encountered another security breach. Almost half a billion phone numbers tied to FB accounts were leaked. It is unknown who stole and published the monstrous database. However, it shows Facebook’s negligent approach to private data.

History Repeats Itself

All in all, the library contained 419 million phone numbers, 133 million of which are located in the US. Data access has been restricted by the social network for more than 1 year (4 April 2018). The measure was taken in the light of the ignoble Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The server that contained phone numbers wasn't shielded with a password. Apart from the phone numbers, the catalog also contained profile IDs — long digit combinations associated with the FB account. In some cases, even geographic location, gender, and user's real name were mentioned.

Don't Spam Me Maybe

The leaked data may be used for spamming or SIM-attacks. Be cautious if you receive suspicious text messages or calls made from unidentified numbers. Sometimes, spammers disguise themselves as your mobile carrier, so never respond to SMS that demands your personal info, including passwords, etc.

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