Facebook Messenger Launches Bots For Android, iOS

Facebook Messenger Launches Bots For Android, iOS on Freepps Top Blog

It's been clear from the moment WhatsApp announced that it was canceling the yearly fee and shifting to a different model of monetization.

Later, the popular Telegram app started supporting bots, and now Facebook’s own Messenger had to follow it, and so it did.

As Facebook announced, its Messenger will from now on support bots communicating with users automatically. In fact, several dozens of bots are available and working right now. Facebook partners, such as HP, large businesses like CNN, Burger King and some others have already launched their bots.

FB adsBotsCodes

For example, 1-800-Flowers now empowers you to order flowers via its Facebook bot. HP promotes its remote photo printing. Bank of America informs you about your account status. Other companies also have some info service available through their Messenger bots.

The innovation caused another new feature named Messenger Code. The app has a built-in scanning tool you use to subscribe to the bots you select. The code itself looks specific and unmistakable, with three rows of varied length lines around the central round picture, so you won’t confuse it with QR code or any other kind. It’s developed for using in ads so that user can get connected the simplest way.

And here comes the bad one, there will be sponsored messages - PC talk for "ads". The business you have once got in touch now has your contact info, so it can send you its news. But it’s still up to you. If there’s no use for you in those deals and offers, you can just block the annoying account, but you’ll still be able to send your requests to the business and get your answers.

So far it’s in its beta state both on Android and iOS. Not all Messenger users have received the update with bots support and Messenger Code reader.

Have you downloaded the update yet? Let us know in the comments!

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