Facebook Messenger Learns To SMS, Multicontact

Facebook Messenger Learns To SMS, Multicontact on Freepps Top Blog

A good thing doesn’t come alone. Facebook started testing these features on February 11, and then they slowly rolled out to users’ devices worldwide. Today some users may feel lucky as new possibilities already await inside the app.

These new features are not connected. Your luck may bring you an SMS update but leave overboard the multiple account feature, and vice versa. Facebook keeps its face as secret as The Sphynx and gives no promises.

So let’s take a closer look at what we already have.

2 Accs 1 App

Started as a part of the Facebook app, the Messenger slowly progressed further and further from it. Can the app be installed separately from the basic Facebook app? Yup. You don’t have to be a Facebook user to communicate through Messenger? Well, it’s a kind of a WhatsApp experience, and let it be. And now you can use two accounts with the same app instance.

All it takes is activating another account in app’s settings. Select Accounts section and tap a “+” icon ai the upper right corner. You need to have the account already created, no matter if it’s a Facebook or a Messenger account. Enter your email/phone and password once and switch between your accounts as often as it takes. And no, you cannot use all of your accounts simultaneously.

SMS functions in Messenger

And if you’re not lucky enough, you won’t see that plus in the corner, but it only takes a little time and patience.

If you’re deep into SMM or other work that requires communicating through multiple social media accounts, this feature will be a good gift for you.


It seems an odd idea only when you hear of it first, But Facebook is so global that why not make it a real integrating app that stores all of your conversations, no matter if they use SMS or Messenger itself? In fact, the developers have already tried it in 2012 and removed this feature a year later because of its low popularity. Well, now it seems to have more chances to be demanded, as SMS is not so much a key feature as it used to be, so why not pass it to a third-party app as a secondary function?

Will it replace the original SMS app in some phones? It’s up to users. Some may switch to Messenger, and it will cause no trouble as it’s always running in the background anyway.

Another significant update is expected on March 26.

Facebook is preparing us for the launch of a separate market within Messenger that will contain different messaging services, smileys and stickers, GIFs and other content to make your dialogs come alive. The apps from Messenger App Store will be compatible with any platform Messenger runs on.

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