Facebook Promotes "Moments" by Closing Photo Syncing

Facebook Promotes "Moments" by Closing Photo Syncing on Freepps Top Blog
As a rule, all-in-one services are always in high demand due to their versatility. This is the reason gadget makers and application developers try to overstuff their creations with multiple features. In fact, such a strategy is justified in most cases. However, some great minds think otherwise. We can’t say who is right or not, but this doesn’t prevent Facebook from following its strange -but sometimes very effective - application politics.

Facebook’s App Strategy

The point is that the company continues to promote its apps, which became the standalone ones, having separated from the Facebook social network. We do remember Messenger’s story and users’ dissatisfaction with the need to install an additional application on their devices for being able to continue sharing messages with friends. The same destiny seems to wait for the Photo Sync feature that has been available for everyone since 2012 as the easiest way to backup private snaps.
Photo Sync Settings Menu

Now, if you want to have an access to all those photos synced from your device, you’ll have to download the Facebook Moments app anyway. The pop-up message with this information appears in the News Feed. This also means that you won’t find a dedicated album on Facebook, where you could edit and share photos. Fortunately, users will have an opportunity to download all of the images in a form of an archive file. 


Let’s remind that Moments were introduced several months ago as a part of the popular social net, offering to create private albums for sharing with friends. It allows to group photos automatically, according to location and date. The app also recognizes your Facebook friends on the snaps via scanning your phone’s camera roll and offers to share those files with them through synchronizing. This application gives us a chance to get almost all the photos with ourselves, which were taken by other people. 
Pop-Up Message about Facebook Moments

What’s Next?

For your information, the deadline for photo syncing is January, 10. We are all eager to see what will happen to both Facebook and Moments because of such a move, being a mirroring one of the last year’s. As for Messenger, it managed to become one of the top free applications for iOS platform. 

However, the transition might be not so successful due to privacy issues. According to European regulations facial recognition, one of the key features of Moments - is strictly limited and prohibited. Perhaps, the only way to resolve the issue is to release another version of Moments, considering all the restrictions. 

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