Facebook Redesigns Notifications, Goes Foursquare

Facebook Redesigns Notifications, Goes Foursquare on Freepps Top Blog

As Facebook announced on October 26th, the mobile Facebook app is about to be redesigned. The most remarkable thing about new Facebook is the new look of notifications on mobile devices.

Mobile users used to receive the same notifications they would see on their PCs while working via the web. But mobile devices provide more possibilities of customization, so prepare for the new level of freedom!

Facebook plans to add geolocation factor into notifying. Wherever you happen to appear, you will receive notifications about POIs around you. It could be similar to today’s notifications from Foursquare of Google Now On Tap, but Facebook expands it and includes your city news, events, weather in you locations and even movies currently playing in cinemas around you.

Of course, these notifications are fully adjustable via Setting menu. You can also manage notifications about your friends’ milestones, upcoming events you’re invited to, and reminders and updates from the pages you’re subscribed to.

First of all these updates would affect Android and iPhone users that reside in the USA and gradually they will receive this update. Facebook says nothing certain about other countries yet.

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  • A
    2 years ago
    Previously rarely I used this application via the website I was more comfortable. But this idea is interesting to me, I hope that other countries, too, this update will be released.
  • D
    2 years ago
    And what if my location services are turned off (in low battery power mode)? Then what? No noitfications in that case?
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