Facebook Removes Its Apps from Windows Phone Store

Facebook Removes Its Apps from Windows Phone Store on Freepps Top Blog

While Windows Mobile 10 is promised to be supported until December 10, 2019, the developers are already dropping it. This time one of the majors gets offboard, and it’s Facebook. In summer 2019 it removes its apps from the Windows Phone store.

How Bad It Gets

The platform is, in fact, alive till the end of its days mostly because thus said the terms of the user agreement. Now users (those few still hesitating where to go then) only have two alternatives to switch to: iOS or Android, and most of them have already done the switching. This decision by Facebook will foster the few remaining users to switch faster.

While Facebook and Facebook Messengers are already out of the game, the third dragon, WhatsApp, is still here, but not for long. It will quit working on Windows mobile devices on January 1, 2020. Well, it’s twenty days longer than the platform itself is officially alive.

Well, if you are among those loyal few who will keep their Lumias until they drop, you can still use its web versions, like mbasic.facebook.com or touch.facebook.com. The default browser handles them well; it’s probably one of the best things Windows Phone has to offer.

Betas to Go

Another way out is using the beta versions of both removed apps that are still available. Strange, but Facebook seems to abandon them so deeply that didn’t even bother to cancel them officially. But one day the company may shake the dust off it, remember these apps and take care of them. So switching is inevitable.

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