Facebook’s Photo Magic: Quick Way of Sharing Pictures

Facebook’s Photo Magic: Quick Way of Sharing Pictures on Freepps Top Blog

The team of Facebook researchers has recently analyzed the types of photos users most frequently send via Messenger. One of the most common categories appeared to contain pictures with friends. And now, the pack of Facebook Messenger’s functions has got a new option that should make a process of photo sharing a quicker and easier one.

So, how does it work? The app uses the following principle: it monitors the camera roll and recognizes your Facebook friends’ faces for finding photos with them and further sharing. Photo Magic identifies people on a snap and immediately offers to send the pic to them. Actually, it is a one-tap action, allowing not to forget about sending to someone a group selfie or else. The app gives an opportunity to do it privately, so that no one else will be able to give even a quick look on the photos posted on Facebook. Besides, your friends won’t have to look through dozens of images in search for themselves pictured on them.

Though it’s not a compulsory option, meaning that you may easily turn it off, if it’s just not your thing. Perhaps, not everyone will like the insistent monitoring of any snapshot taken and the irritating offers to share them literary in a few seconds after taking a photo with someone.

Moreover, one may control his privacy by switching off the tags suggestions, meaning that one won’t be recognized on someone else’s photos. This is a pretty cool idea and the feature may become a very handy one. Still, if you’d like to try the new option, do not be in a hurry with this, unless you live in Australia.

The fact is that the population of this country is supposed to get it first. The version of Photo Magic for devices running Android OS is already in the Store while the owners of iOS gadgets have to wait a couple of days. The others will be able to enjoy this new functionality later on, in case everything is OK with it.

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    6 years ago
    Not a bad idea, but privacy is very important. I would not really want to be recognized on some photos.
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