Facebook Shells Out: Social Network Will Pay For Your Private Data

Facebook Shells Out: Social Network Will Pay For Your Private Data on Freepps Top Blog

In light of the upcoming Android Q release with harsher privacy security, Facebook launches a reward campaign. You let the company analyze your phone usage data in exchange for monetary compensation. The key instrument for this is the new app titled Study from Facebook.

According to the company's statement, the program is "important to help us improve our products for the people who use Facebook." After you have Study from Facebook installed, it will begin collecting and analyzing data on which apps you prefer using most of the time. Additionally, it will inspect what apps are installed on your device exactly and which of their features you love the most.

As it's been stated, participation in the campaign is absolutely voluntarily. Although not every Facebook member will get a chance to try it. Only those users who will receive an invitation from FB will make it to the 'VIP-club' of test subjects. The idea behind the campaign — improving features and products to make Facebook users happier.

It spies with its little eyes

Due to Facebook's controversial reputation with user privacy, the company's HQ had to specify which info will be collected exactly:

  1. Apps. The total number of applications installed will be assessed. Even if you don't put every single one of them to use.
  2. Usage time. Study will estimate how much time you spend on every app.
  3. Device/geographical data. Facebook wants to know what gadget you're using, what type of connectivity you have, and where you live.
  4. Activities. Various types of activity will be analyzed too — photo uploads, in-game purchases, webpages marked as favorite, etc.

As for more sensitive data —passwords, credit card numbers, messages, names from the contact list, etc. — it will be strongly ignored by the Study app.

So far, Study from Facebook will be launched exclusively in the US and India. But more countries will be included in the campaign soon. The exact amount of monetary reward isn't disclosed so far. Neither it's known if it's going to be real-life money or just bonuses that can't be spent in other apps/services not associated with Facebook.

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