Facebook To Add Profile Videos To Android App

Facebook To Add Profile Videos To Android App on Freepps Top Blog

Facebook’s profile video feature is slowly creeping across Android devices with a new updated version of the app. If you tap on Edit button below your profile picture, there’s an entry that says “Coming Soon: Profile Videos”.

Facebook claims that soon you’ll be able to bring your profile picture to life with a video. “Profile videos are coming soon. We’re slowly rolling out this new feature, and will let you know when it’s ready” - says the in-app popup.

The feature was announced a while ago and promised an ability to play a moving image when users open your page. Technically, these 7-second Vine-like videos are not GIFs are looped and also offer sound, though you’ll have to tap on the image to hear it - a nice low profile move for earphone haters.


Apparently, the company wants to cater to younger audiences who favor short videos as this is completely optional. Another reason behind this is likely the fact that most profile pictures are usually taken with poor-quality front cameras, and there’s a huge difference between 1.3 mpx videos and images.

Other changes include the ability to make your profile pictures temporary, pin selected images to the top of you feed as well as other minor tweaks.

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