Facebook to Launch VR App Dubbed Horizon

Facebook to Launch VR App Dubbed Horizon on Freepps Top Blog

Facebook has announced that it’s planning to launch the test version of its social VR application called Horizon in 2020. The new social VR world will give its users the possibility to design their own environments, play games, immerse themselves in exploration, and interact with friends in virtual reality. In early 2020, the app will be tested by a limited number of Facebook users.

More Details on the VR World: Expanding Your Horizons

According to Facebook, Horizon users will have the possibility to contact human customer service whenever they have questions or difficulties related to navigating their virtual environment. Furthermore, Horizon users will take advantage of the functionality that will let them design their own avatar, as well as certain parts of their virtual world. 

For example, you can design an awesome tropical getaway and invite your pals to your own gorgeous private beach. While exploring the virtual environments within the Horizon app, users can set their personal space boundaries to prevent others from getting in their face or touching them. Common features like blocking and reporting will be integrated as well. 

More Fun Beyond the Horizon

According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Horizon will get better and more fun on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, it’s easy to predict Horizon featuring virtual billboards advertising various brands, as well as Facebook-fueled stores where you will buy toys or anything that will score Zuckerberg a revenue cut… No doubt, Horizon monetization possibilities are close to endless.

So, what are your thoughts on the VR app itself? You’ve probably noticed that Facebook has grown a bit stale after nearly 20 years on the market. Do you think Facebook would’ve been cast aside if it hadn’t come up with its own VR-based social application? Share your point of view in the comment section below. We’re eagerly awaiting your feedback — it’s very valuable here at Freepps.top.

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