Facebook Trims Messenger To Lite

Facebook Trims Messenger To Lite on Freepps Top Blog

Developing markets are the key to success, and Facebook clearly understands this.

Earlier today, Facebook unveiled its new messaging app called Messenger Lite. Just like Facebook Lite, the app is your regular Messenger, trimmed down to include only the most basic of features.

The app is clearly intended for use on entry-level Android devices on slower connections in poor network coverage zones. If you happen to tick all three of these boxes, Messenger Lite's a blessing for you.

Messenger Lite is truly lightweight and clocks in at just under 10 MB, making it easy to download even on tight data plans. The users would still be able to enjoy all the basic features, including:

  • sending text messages
  • sending photos and pictures
  • sending links
  • receive stickers.

However, there's no chance to download and share the latter.

Messenger Lite is set to become Facebook Lite's best pal, as the latter has been providing access to basic Facebook features in India and Philippines since last June. Considering the total population of developing countries that is around 2 billion, Facebook is making a bold move to tap into it early to grab a solid footing.

When you have a mission to connect a billion people, you can't do it without India  - Mark Zuckerberg

Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Tunisia are among the countries that will get access to Messenger Lite starting today. These would act as a testing ground, with the rest of the world getting the app in the coming months., which means 2 extra months of biweekly updates to ensure improvements in reliability and speed that eat your storage space oh so gently.

Have you already installed Messenger Lite? Let us know what you're thinking in the comments below.

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