Facebook Allows Commenting Posts Offline, 2G Users Festive

Facebook Allows Commenting Posts Offline, 2G Users Festive on Freepps Top Blog
Poor Internet connection isn’t an excuse anymore, at least for Facebook users. Soon they will be able to scroll through their personal News Feeds on mobile devices even if the connection is rather slow. What is more, the new technology will provide users with an opportunity to comment on posts they like in the offline mode.

In Demand

Why do people ever need this innovation, taking into account that hot spots are almost everywhere? In fact, this isn’t about developing countries where users mostly have to deal with a slow 2G connection. Going into details gives us the info that only a one-third of the planet’s population has access to the Internet. To cope with this problem, many tech giants are working hard on providing all the others with the same benefits of technological progress.

News Feed Offline

So how is it possible to reach the content posted on the Internet almost without the access to it? If the statistics are to be believed, the News Feed is the main target for launching the mobile app. To tell the truth, these stories aren’t actually brand-new ones or posted in a real-time mode. They may be visible because you’ve already downloaded but haven’t reached them while scrolling. We suppose that such type of content won’t be very overwhelming, but it’s still better than nothing at all.

Moreover, the Facebook team is trying to take this technology further. In theory, the News Feed will be automatically updated during the day, depending on the network’s availability. It’s both an advantage and a disadvantage. This will be useful, for example, on the subway, but not everyone will be happy with such an update as the app drains smartphone’s battery heavily.

Posting Comments 

As for commenting posts while offline, there is a point to be aware of. All the comments written without an active connection are to be stored on a user’s phone and then automatically uploaded to the app. It may sound ridiculous, but remember how many times you planned to answer a funny question, greet a friend on his birthday, etc. and then just forgot to do it. Anyway, such an opportunity may offer us a really pleasant user experience.

At this moment, Facebook is testing this new feature so don't get infuriated if you don’t find it in your Facebook app and still see a loading icon in areas with bad network coverage. 

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