Facebook Video Broadcasting: Now Available On Android

Facebook Video Broadcasting: Now Available On Android on Freepps Top Blog

Video broadcasting is certainly an exciting and efficient way to reach out to your audience in a straightforward and personal manner. 

Regardless of whether your audience includes your closest friends or thousands of people who are interested in what you do, live videos give you a chance to deliver your message. It’s an excellent alternative to typing long blog posts, and you get the immediate reaction from your viewers.

According to the new blog post by Facebook, now the company offers an opportunity to use live video broadcasting feature to Android users. Facebook estimates that more than 50 % of people who engaged in this type of interaction used Android devices, so it’s only fair to enable the users to share the videos of their own. 

Initially, this feature will be introduced to those who reside in the United States, but soon other countries will be added to the list.

What can the users expect from this feature?

This Facebook feature was launched for the first time back in the summer, but at that time, it could only be used by celebrities. After a successful trial, it became available to those using iOS devices at the beginning of this year, and now Android users are able to join the party.

Before starting your broadcasting with Facebook Live, you can select the audience and write a short description if you have a particular message that you plan on discussing. 

Facebook Live Video

During your live video, you will be able to see the names of your friends, how many viewers are watching and see the comments as they appear in the real-time mode. 

After the broadcast is finished, the video is saved, so you have a chance to either share it with friends who missed your live event or you can delete it.

Facebook Live has a lot of potential.

While there are already other services such as Periscope owned by Twitter and another option called Meerkat that make it possible for users to broadcast their videos, Facebook Live has a lot of potential because of how many people actively use the app every day. 

At the same time, Facebook is not perceived as the platform to get immediate news or get people together in a matter of minutes.

In such a way, famous public figures and celebrities who have a significant following are most likely to benefit from Facebook Live because there will be enough people online at all times. 

Only time will tell how popular this feature will be among users who don’t have thousands of people to watch them.

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  • D
    5 years ago
    Now there is no need to use the Periscope as I understand it. FVB has is very similar functionality.
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  • R
    5 years ago
    Sorry, but what is the difference between Periscope and these one? Twitter is less popular than Facebook...
  • J
    5 years ago
    Oh!) I think that it is really good option. I've been waiting for video broadcasting for a long time.
  • L
    5 years ago
    Hey! It's good news!!! I heard about this function a few months ago. But, I have question. Somebody of you tested it?
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