Fake Download Buttons Neutralized In Updated Chrome

Fake Download Buttons Neutralized In Updated Chrome on Freepps Top Blog

It’s hard to name all the file sharing sites that do those dirty tricks to make you click on a banner, but there are common ways all of them use. It’s hard to miss a large colorful DOWNLOAD button in the center of the page when you are certain about the file you’re about to find here. 

And what a sad surprise it will be to see a page you didn’t intend to open, and the saddest part of the story is not a possible malware infestation, but you being fooled again.

But there’s good news: Google is on the war path against fake download buttons. This feature becomes a part of Chrome functionality.

The banners and buttons leading hell knows where will remain where they are, but you will be warned about that trick being played right here, so you’ll surely keep your hand in your pocket and look more carefully for the right button.

The update was released on February 10th, and it applies to all versions of Chrome for any platform, both desktop, and mobile. It’s been easy to do due to cloud mechanism responsible for warnings you get displayed before entering a suspicious site.

As the settings section of Chrome is unified, all you need to do is go to: 

  1. Preferences
  2. Settings
  3. Advanced
  4. Privacy
  5. Activate the "Protect you and your device from dangerous sites" field, no matter what device you use.

This warning is included in protection functionality by default.

The page will alert you with a big white text on a red background: “Deceptive site ahead”. Below this text you’ll read the detailed description of the risks you take on opening this page. It may concern your privacy, your financial or legal information, your cloud accounts and even your digital personality. 

The most innocent thing they might do is install ads or browser bars onto your PC or smartphone. But even this trick is not what you wanted from it. Well, if you wanted a browser extension shifting your default search system, you would do it straight, right?

Google is on the war path against fake download buttons.

Of course this warning will not provide 100% security, but your attention will be much harder to draw away with these colorful deceptive banners.

What if an innocent site has been blacklisted like this? Google suggests the web master follows the guidelines and keeps the deceptive ads away, and then the mark will be removed from the site. There’s always some mayhem after such innovations get started, but then it all starts running smooth.

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