Fallout Shelter Brings New Festive Items For Christmas

Fallout Shelter Brings New Festive Items For Christmas on Freepps Top Blog

Fallout Shelter doesn’t stand aside on Christmas holidays. Bethesda announced the update, which will bring some festive items and other new features the gamers are eager to obtain.

Surprises In Your Lunch Box

As you might know, the lunch boxes are the main resource in Fallout Shelter. They contain five cards, which include weapons, dwellers, outfits, caps and junk items.

And for Christmas, it’s going to be the additions to this set as the developers will put some special festive items for a limited time. There are three ways you can get lunch boxes:

  • completing quests;
  • purchasing from the store by pressing the Pip-Boy in the screen corner;
  • completing objectives.

Plus, if you are a persistent gamer, you can earn them by collecting the daily rewards for 7 days in a row — the seventh is always a lunchbox.

There are certainly more details to come. Stay in touch to be updated.

What do you expect from the Fallout Shelter Update? Will you decorate your shelter for Christmas?

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