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There are a lot of things that are much fun to do when you have friends around. If you have ever tried to find someone to hang out with using Tinder, then you probably know that this application was not an ideal choice for this purpose as the majority of people use it to find romantic partners. However, with the new update introduced by Tinder, you will finally be able to find yourself a company to spend time with whenever you feel like it.

How can you use this new feature?

New Tinder Features

Referred to as Tinder Social, the feature allows you to create a group of friend consisting of Tinder users and hope that you will have similar interests and spend a great time together. In the app, you have an opportunity to state your plans so that people know what to expect and decide if they are interested in hanging out with you. Similarly to the standard Tinder, you can anonymously swipe through the potential friend groups before your group becomes a match to another group. In such a way, you don’t have to swipe through the Tinder Social users one by one. The group that you choose stays live until noon of the next day and then disappears if you don’t like one another before that time.

At the moment, the feature is available to users living in the US, Australia, UK, and it will hopefully soon become available in other countries.

Do you plan to use Tinder Social to find groups of friends to hang out with? Feel free to share your experience using the app in the comments below. 

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