Firefox OS Rolls Out for Android, Preview Only

Firefox OS Rolls Out for Android, Preview Only on Freepps Top Blog

Firefox OS 2.5 Developer preview saw its launch today, and now the take on operating systems from Mozilla is available for Android. The app is poised to replace your regular Android homescreen with Mozilla's take on how the app store should look like, along with messages, emails and calls - you still call it a phone for a reason, right?

With certain parts redesigned, it's more of a launcher app with icons redrawn and apps wrapped in a bundle, but it does give you a peek into what Firefox is claiming to bring to OS potluck.

Mozilla declares that there's a number of tweaks that guarantee a near-flawless usability for Android users, and you won't have to re-adjust your fingers and senses as the navigation buttons were slapped onto the interface.

The downside, however, is being unable to use the back button as Firefox OS doesn't recognize it as an independent one and insists that Home button is the sole representative of OS navigation traditions.

Here's a summary of what you'll find in Firefox OS 2.5 if you ever choose to opt in.

  • Add-ons for your device:  the app takes them to a whole new level as now you can go beyond your browser and use them in-system.
  • Anonymous browsing: Tracking protection is a new feature that promises to enhance control over users' browsing history and activity that is traced by most websites.
  • Pinning the (fox)tail: another new, perhaps gimmicky feature allows you to go all-out interest and pin whatever you like, be it a standalone page or a website, to your home screen.

Firefox is expected to update the OS beyond Developer Preview shortly, and there's a high chance to see a torrent of mods available in the coming weeks.

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  • wv
    wikus van de merwe
    6 years ago
    It's just a great idea. Firefox is my favorite browser and I am looking forward to download it...oh wait, my arm!!
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