Fly Labs Acquired by Google, Photos Upgrade Expected

Fly Labs Acquired by Google, Photos Upgrade Expected on Freepps Top Blog

It was announced on November 6th that Google has acquired yet another company. Fly Labs has been known for its video editing mobile apps that could, as the name makes you suppose, edit video on the fly. Now Fly Labs projects will be integrated into Google services.

The mobile video fans highly appreciate Fly Labs projects. They include simple video editor with gesture commands, an app that cures the “vertical video syndrome”, slo-mo and time lapse tools. All these apps are no more paid like they used to be. That’s the good news; the bad news is that there will be no updates for these apps from now on. In fact, the team abandons them for a larger project.

It’s been said that Fly Labs solutions will become a part of Google Photos. This project has become much more popular than Google Plus, and now Google will emphasize its photographic powers. Although it has risen to 100 million active users monthly probably due to decent Android integration, Google Photos lacks a lot of features. It seems probable that Fly Labs team will work on the real-time online editor that will be a great help for users. Yes, Google still has Picasa, but isn’t it too desktop-oriented for 2015?

The cost of the deal seems not as astonishing as we would suppose. Fly Labs is a small team with some local success but obviously good ideas. Maybe that’s what Google needs if it wants Google Photos to beat Flickr or 500px.

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    6 years ago
    I never used, but heard a lot about Fly Labs from my friends.This is a great news that these apps are no more paid. I will definitely try it.
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