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Several days ago the LINE Corporation, famous for its namesake messenger Line and music streaming service MixRadio, made two loud announcements. One of them deals with the closing of MixRadio in a few coming weeks, due to “financial challenges” and other connected issues.

Let us recall that the company bought this service from Microsoft only 14 months ago. Besides, even the launch of MixRadio for iOS and Android last summer couldn’t manage to save the situation.

Foodie App Filter Application

The second news is far more positive. It’s about launching a new mobile app for better food photography. Foodie is a camera application, allowing to do the following actions:

  • Control the flash easily;
  • Use the blurring effect, which automatically focuses on food only and makes all the surrounding objects blurry;
  • Choose the perfect image aspect ratios;
  • Increase or decrease the brightness ranging from -2.0 to +2.0;
  • Put a smartphone into the right position with the “Best Angle” feature;
  • Apply 24 special food filters, such as Meats, Sushi, Cakes, BBQ, Sweets, etc., before or after taking snaps;
  • Edit pictures shot by other apps, too;
  • Share pics via LINE, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You will also notice that there is a small watermark on every image shot via Foodie. Don't weep, though, because it may be easily switched off by going into the Settings Menu. This feature is always active by default. 

Foodie Main Features Illustration

So, Foodie makes you food look more delicious in the photos, which may be useful for professional photographers working for cafes and restaurants, and for all the active Instagram and Twitter users who like to share their food masterpieces - homemade or just photographed by them. Perhaps, this is not fair toward others, but who cares when it comes to good quality mouth-watering photos? 

To use this free app on a mobile device, it should be running either Android 4.0.3+ or iOS 8.0+. If you are lucky to own one, do not miss a chance to try it; especially, taking into account the developers’ promise to create even more food-specific filters and effects as soon as possible. Stay always tuned and share your thoughts with us!

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